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How to spell LNKING correctly?

If you catch yourself misspelling "lnking" when it should be "linking", fear not! Suggestions for a correct spelling include "linking", "lilting" and "lining". These alternatives will ensure that your text accurately conveys the intended meaning and saves you from falling into the clutches of autocorrect.

List of suggestions on how to spell lnking correctly

  • banking
  • Blanking
  • blinking The light on the router was blinking, indicating that it was still processing information.
  • Bunking I don't like bunking class because I don't want to miss important lessons.
  • clanking The sound of the metal chains clanking echoed throughout the empty garage.
  • clinking The sound of ice clinking in glasses filled the air as the guests enjoyed their drinks at the party.
  • clunking My head was clunking against the the doorframe.
  • dunking He was dunking his cookie in the glass of milk.
  • finking He was finking all the time while we were playing video games.
  • Flanking The soldiers advanced, flanking the enemy on both sides.
  • Flunking I'm worried about flunking the exam if I don't study harder.
  • Funking
  • honking The honking was nerve-wracking.
  • Inking Inking your tattoos will give them an extra polished look.
  • junking Dude, you're totally junking this quiz.
  • Kinking As I tried to straighten out the garden hose, I noticed it was kinking in several places.
  • lacking The presentation was lacking in important details and left the audience confused.
  • Lancing He was stabbed in the shoulder with a lancing pen.
  • landing
  • lansing I am traveling to Lansing, Michigan for a business conference next week.
  • Larking I love larking around with my friends when we have free time.
  • leaking The faucet is leaking; we need to call a plumber.
  • lending The bank takes great care when lending money to ensure borrowers can pay back their loans.
  • licking
  • liking I have always had a liking for spicy food.
  • lining The jacket has a warm lining of fleece.
  • Linking Linking is important in the modern world.
  • locking She was having difficulty unlocking the door due to a faulty locking mechanism.
  • longing She woke up with a deep longing to be next to her partner.
  • looking I'm looking forward to my vacation next month.
  • lucking I'm really lucking out with these great deals!
  • Lunging The horse was lunging forward eagerly as the rider gave it a light kick.
  • lurking I have a feeling that someone is lurking in the shadows.
  • nuking
  • Pinking She used a pinking pen to add a touch of color to her document.
  • planking The workout routine involves planking for two minutes at a time.
  • plunking The sound of the coins plunking into the charity collection box echoed through the room.
  • ranking The university improved its global ranking this year.
  • sinking The boat started sinking in the middle of the ocean.
  • Slinking The thief was slinking through the dark alley, trying to avoid being seen.
  • Snaking The snaking line of cars extended for miles on the highway during rush hour.
  • tanking The team is in danger of tanking if they don't start winning some games soon.
  • winking She was winking at him from across the room to let him know that the plan was working.
  • Yanking He was yanking on the door handle, trying to get it open.

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