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How to spell LOAS correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "loas", it may be a misspelling of the term "loaves". Alternatively, you might be referring to "loads". Double-check the context to ensure accuracy; "loas" could potentially be a typo or a regional variation of a word.

List of suggestions on how to spell loas correctly

  • Boas The dancer wore a beautiful costume adorned with feathers and boas.
  • laos Laos is a small country located in Southeast Asia.
  • LEAS
  • load I need to load my shotgun before we head out to the shooting range.
  • loads
  • loaf I always buy a loaf of bread.
  • loafs I bought three loafs of bread from the bakery.
  • loam I planted vegetables in the loam soil of my garden.
  • loan I had to apply for a loan to buy my first car.
  • loans The bank offers low-interest loans to small businesses.
  • lobs The ball hit the ground and lobs off to the side.
  • logs The lumberjack stacked the logs neatly in the truck to deliver them to the sawmill.
  • Lois Diana was trying to get away from Lois, but Lois reached out and grabbed her arm.
  • loos
  • lops My hair was cut in lops.
  • loss
  • lots
  • LOWS The lows of the stock market were impacting her investment portfolio.
  • oas

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