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How to spell LOCVE correctly?

When faced with the misspelling "locve", there are a few possible correct suggestions. The most likely intended word could be "love", a common term expressing deep affection. Other possibilities might include "locate", meaning to find or determine the position of something or "lobe", referring to a rounded part or projection.

List of suggestions on how to spell locve correctly

  • clove I love the scent of clove in my spiced cider.
  • cove The cove was hidden amongst the cliffs, making it a peaceful and secluded spot for swimming.
  • glove I need to get a new glove because my old one is too small.
  • jove Jove is another name for the supreme Roman god Jupiter.
  • lave The volcano erupted and began to lave the surrounding land with hot lava.
  • leave Don't forget to leave your keys on the table.
  • live
  • locale The script called for a specific locale, but the production team couldn't afford to film on location.
  • locate I can't seem to locate my car keys.
  • lock
  • locke John Locke was an influential philosopher of the 17th century.
  • locked
  • locker I left my textbook in my locker, so I had to go back to school to retrieve it.
  • locket
  • loco The train derailed due to a loco malfunction.
  • lodge We decided to lodge at the cottage in the mountains for our weekend getaway.
  • loge I would like to reserve a loge seat for the theater performance.
  • louver The louver on the window can be adjusted to control the amount of airflow entering the room.
  • love
  • lover My lover surprised me with a bouquet of roses yesterday.
  • Lovey My aunt gave me a lovey blanket when I was a baby, and I still treasure it to this day.

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