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How to spell LOKED correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "loked" instead of the intended word, here are a few possible correct suggestions. If you meant "locked", "looked" or "liked", those might be the words you were looking for. Always double-check your spelling to ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell loked correctly

  • coked She woke up feeling like she had been coked.
  • Joked She joked with her friends about how she was actually a mermaid in disguise.
  • Lacked I lacked direction.
  • Larked After she larked around in the garden for a while, she decided to go in.
  • Leaked The information was leaked to the press, causing a scandal for the company.
  • licked The puppy licked the child's face, causing her to burst out in laughter.
  • liked I liked the book so much that I read it twice.
  • lobed The leaves of the oak tree are lobed and have jagged edges.
  • locked I accidentally locked the keys in the car.
  • locket She kept a picture of her deceased mother in a gold locket around her neck.
  • Lodged I'm lodged in the wrong hotel.
  • Logged I logged my hours worked for the week in the company's timekeeping system.
  • Looked I looked at my phone and realized that I was almost an hour behind on my work.
  • Loped
  • loved
  • Lowed
  • lucked I lucked into getting the last ticket to the concert.
  • Lurked The creepy man lurked in the shadows, watching the young couple walk by.
  • Poked I poked my colleague in the eye with a paper clip.
  • Yoked

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