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How to spell LOKEER correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "Lokeer" could be "Locker", "Loker" or "Lokir". It's important to double-check the spelling and context of the word to ensure the most accurate correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell Lokeer correctly

  • Fokker The Fokker Triplane was a World War I aircraft made famous by the "Red Baron" Manfred von Richthofen.
  • Hokier The plot of that movie was much hokier than I anticipated.
  • Joker The Joker is a notorious villain in the Batman comic series.
  • Jokier She was feeling jokier than usual today and couldn't resist teasing her coworkers.
  • Leer The man gave her a creepy leer as she walked past him on the street.
  • Liker I'm not a big liker of spicy food.
  • Loader The warehouse worker used a loader to move the heavy boxes onto the truck.
  • Loafer He was dressed casually, wearing a pair of loafers with no socks.
  • Loaner I had to leave my car at the dealership and they gave me a loaner vehicle to use in the meantime.
  • Lobber
  • Locker I forgot the combination to my locker and had to ask the school security guard to unlock it.
  • Lodger I rented out my spare bedroom to a lodger who was new in town.
  • Logger The logger cuts down trees in the forest and transports them to the sawmill.
  • Logier
  • Loiter Do not loiter on the street corner, it may attract unwanted attention.
  • Loner John was always a loner, preferring to spend his weekends alone reading or hiking in the woods.
  • Longer I wish the weekend was longer so I could get more rest.
  • Looker She was always considered a Looker in high school.
  • Loomer
  • Looser
  • Looter The police arrested several looters who were caught stealing from the vandalized store.
  • Loser She called him a loser when he failed to show up for their date.
  • Louder I told the band to play louder so the audience could hear them better.
  • Louver I could feel a gust of wind flowing through the louver blade on the window.
  • Lover She was a lover of music and spent hours each day playing her guitar.
  • Lower She had to lower her gaze to meet his eyes.
  • Poker Playing Poker requires not only luck but also a strategy to win the game.
  • Pokier The old car felt pokier after driving a newer and faster one.

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