Correct spelling for LOOKAND

We think the word lookand is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for lookand

  • bookend Pearl, however, encouraged Nispel to join the project, as he wanted to bookend his career with Chainsaw films.
  • coolant Cladding (metalworking), a bonding together of dissimilar metals Cladding (fiber optics), fiber optics property to contain light in the core of the fiber by total internal reflection Cladding (construction), materials applied to the exterior of buildings Copper cladding, applying copper to the exterior of buildings Rainscreen cladding, an exterior wall detail to create a capillary break and to allow drainage and evaporation of water Siding, or wall cladding, exterior material applied to the walls of a building Cladding (nuclear fuel), the outer layer of the fuel rods, standing between the coolant and the nuclear fuel Cladding (boiler), the layer of insulation and outer wrapping around a boiler shell
  • land Still in the land of the living?
  • legend It has a dreamy, drowsy atmosphere, just as Irving described the Sleepy Hollow of legend!
  • leonard He took it to Belgium, where at his death it became the property of Leonard, who, at his death, gave it to Marteau.
  • locked Ses he, ''Tis locked.
  • locking When her Aunt Adelaide left her, Elsie-first carefully locking the door to guard against a surprise visit from Enna-went to her bureau, and unlocking a drawer, took out a purse she was knitting for her father, to replace the one she had given to Miss Allison.
  • logan Rather, replied Logan, who between you and me hardly knew one end of a car from the other, I'm becoming quite conversant with the different parts.
  • longhand Upon arrest, a preliminary hearing is first held at a police station where, as in most English proceedings, the testimony, with anything the prisoner may say (after he has been warned of the consequence of self-incrimination) is carefully reduced to longhand writing and plays an important part at the subsequent stages of the prosecution.
  • looking He was looking at her earnestly.
  • lookout Mauperin, "it's her own lookout.
  • loosened He loosened the boy's collar and very gently tried to ease his position.
  • lowland If sheep do not appear healthy on lowland pasture, give them small quantities of fine charcoal and salt, and they will be as healthy as on the hills.
  • Likened He contemplated it placably and studiously, perhaps because the shower-folding armies of the fields above likened its shadowed stillness to that of his Irish home.
  • Loaned The Pueblo was given a commission and loaned a horse, and after repeating what he was to do, shot away into the darkness.
  • Looked He looked up suddenly.
  • Leland By that time, when Leland came to him- "What's all this?"

107 words made from the letters lookand

5 letter words made from lookand:

klado, kolda, dolna, ndola, kalon, kanoo, ladoo, donko, donka, koloa, londo, lonka, konda, dolon, naklo, olano, nadol, olona, oando, onoda, kolon, dolno, doona, ondol, dolak, kando, nolad, alkon, okano, koldo, kolad, loano, adlon.

3 letter words made from lookand:

ado, dak, dna, ola, lao, dal, oak, don, nod, lad, lan, oka, loo, ono, old, dol, doa, nad, dkl.

4 letter words made from lookand:

kloo, knla, kaon, lank, dako, dank, doon, koan, noko, dono, klon, ladn, koon, kado, alko, oola, look, nool, loan, dook, anko, kond, nako, dano, oklo, nolo, dolo, donk, oonk, nkao, dalo, koln, ondo, kood, load, odak, danl, odol, okon, akon, akol, kola, alok, nook, klao, land, laon, anol, klan, loon, lonk, doka, lono, kolo, okal.

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