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How to spell LOOKSS correctly?

If you encounter the misspelling "lookss", there are a few possible suggestions for the correct spelling such as "looks", "looked" or "looking". Double-check the context of the sentence to determine which one fits best and make the necessary correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell lookss correctly

  • books I love to read books on various subjects.
  • cooks The restaurant employs skilled cooks to prepare delicious meals for its customers.
  • hooks The fisherman threw his line in the water with several different hooks attached.
  • kooks I don't know what Mam's going to do when she finds out the new kids in school are all kooks.
  • locks She double-checked that all the locks were secured before leaving for work.
  • look I am going to look for my keys before I go to work.
  • looker She's a real looker in that stunning dress.
  • lookers The car show was filled with a crowd of excited lookers admiring the shiny new vehicles.
  • looks
  • looms The looms in the factory noises loudly.
  • loons I always hear the loons in the canal at night.
  • LOOPS The roller coaster had several loops that made the ride quite thrilling.
  • loos
  • loose Laura kept her eye on the dog, but it was impossible to keep it tightly leashed as it ran around loose.
  • looses He looses his grip and drops the glass.
  • loots The thieves managed to escape with loots worth millions of dollars.
  • loss I feel a sense of loss when we part.
  • nooks The nooks and crannies in the canyon provided plenty of hiding places for the animals.
  • rooks In the animal kingdom, there are two types of birds that are considered to be among the most intelligent: the rooks and

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