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How to spell LOOLS correctly?

If the word "lools" is misspelled, there are a several possible correct suggestions depending on context. It could be "looks", "tools", "fools", "cools", "wools" or "pools". It's important to check the context of the sentence to determine which word is the intended one.

List of suggestions on how to spell lools correctly

  • cools I love to sit outside in the evening when the temperature cools down.
  • fools Hardworking people are considered fools by those who don't have to work.
  • laos
  • Leos
  • locals The locals love going out for drinks.
  • LOCOS The train is called "locos.
  • logos The company's logos were printed on their marketing materials.
  • Lois Lois is the CEO of a very successful company.
  • Lola The cat caught the mouse and Lola meowed in glee.
  • loll She chose to loll in the hammock on a sunny afternoon.
  • lolls The cat lolls in the sun while lazily stretching her paws.
  • looks She looks like she needs a bath.
  • looms The possibility of failure looms over us.
  • loons I saw a pair of loons near the shore.
  • LOOPS The program runs through multiple loops to display the desired output.
  • loos The plumbing in the old building was so bad that the taps were always dripping and the loos were constantly blocked.
  • loose My shirt is too loose, I need to tighten it.
  • loots The thieves broke into the store and stole all the valuable loots.
  • loss The stock market's recent decline contributed to the loss of millions of dollars for many investors.
  • LOWS The lows of the 2020 pandemic were devastating to many.
  • lulls I found myself dozing off during the lulls in the movie.
  • pools I love spending time in my backyard pools.
  • tools I used my tools to repair the car.

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