How to spell LOSEY correctly?

We think the word losey is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell losey correctly

  • close "You had best close up round the house, then.
  • closer He stepped closer to her, and slipped his arm round her shoulders.
  • flossy "Well, it's a flossy outfit, all right," says I. "What is he, one of the directors?"
  • glossy The sun touched the black braid which surrounded her head as she came out of the shadow, and no raven's plumage was ever more glossy.
  • laos Laos is a poor country.
  • laser
  • lease
  • lees
  • less
  • loos
  • loose I need to tighten my laces before the game because I'm feeling a little too loose.
  • loosely I don't think she meant to insult you, she just uses a lot of slang which is a bit loose.
  • loosen I need to loosen these ties before they become too tight.
  • lose
  • loser Jimmy is a loser.
  • loss The loss of our previous dog was hard to deal with.
  • losses I incurred some losses in the stock market today.
  • lost I'm lost in these dark woods.
  • louse I have a lot of Louses living in my hair.
  • lousy I can't stand that place - it's just lousy.
  • mosey I really need to mosey on over to the coffee shop.
  • poesy In Poetry, the words are the muses' voice.
  • Les I asked him if he wanted to come over for dinner and he said " Les, I'm really busy tonight.
  • Loosed The prisoner was released from jail by the police.
  • Lacey Nina always babysits Lacey, so that Lori can have time for herself.
  • Lois
  • Louise My friend Louise is going to be in town for a few days.
  • Lesley
  • Lovey
  • Leos
  • Lesa
  • losers
  • loses Since he had lost so much money, he was very upset.
  • lies I don't believe the lies you told me.
  • LS
  • LASE The laser activatedSearch and rescue beacon wasLASE.
  • LOWS Lows in the forecast for tomorrow.
  • looses
  • loused It seems as if you've been loused up again!

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