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How to spell LOSSED correctly?

When it comes to the misspelling "lossed", there are a few correct alternatives that can be used. Instead of "lossed", one can use "lost" to convey the intended meaning. Other options include "misplaced", "disappeared" or "gone astray". Choosing the right word helps ensure clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell lossed correctly

  • blessed
  • bloused She bloused her dress down over her hips.
  • Bossed He bossed his subordinates around to get the work done.
  • Classed The book is classed as a classic piece of literature.
  • closed
  • flossed
  • glassed He accidentally glassed his hand while washing the dishes.
  • Glossed She applied another layer of lip balm on top of the glossed lipstick.
  • Lassoed The rancher lassoed the calf and brought it back to the herd.
  • leased
  • loose The knot was so loose that the string unraveled easily.
  • Loosed The hunter loosed the arrow and hit the target with precision.
  • lose I can't afford to lose any more time on this project.
  • loser I don't want to be a loser, so I'll keep practicing until I get it right.
  • loses
  • loss The loss of a loved one is one of the hardest things to go through in life.
  • losses The company reported significant losses in the latest quarter due to decreased sales.
  • louse The louse infestation in the school caused a lot of panic among the students and their parents.
  • loused I really need to get my hair cut; it's loused up from all the rain lately.
  • Tossed He tossed the frisbee to his dog in the park.

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