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How to spell LOSSEND correctly?

If you use the word "lossend", chances are that you've misspelled the word 'loosened'. To avoid such spelling errors, you must first ensure that you've spelled the correct word. In case you do get it wrong, using online dictionaries or spell-check tools can offer the correct suggestions for the misspelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell lossend correctly

  • lessen I hope my actions will lessen the pain she is going through.
  • lessened The volume of the music was lessened when someone turned down the stereo.
  • lessens
  • Loosed I loosed the rope and the boat drifted away from the shore.
  • loosen She had to loosen her belt after eating a big meal.
  • loosened The stubborn jar lid finally loosened when I used a cloth for extra grip.
  • loosens I always stretch before exercising to make sure my body loosens up.
  • loused The entire house was loused after the family returned from camping in the woods.

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