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How to spell LOSSSES correctly?

If you misspell "lossses", don't worry! Here are some correct alternatives: "losses" or "loss". Remember to drop the extra "s" as "losses" already indicates more than one loss. Ensuring accurate spelling will make your writing clear and professional.

List of suggestions on how to spell lossses correctly

  • Bosses The bosses have scheduled a meeting to discuss the project.
  • flosses
  • glosses The linguistics professor always points out that the textbooks' glosses of ancient texts are often misleading.
  • glossies My sister loves to read fashion glossies.
  • lasses The lasses all gathered around the campfire, laughing and telling stories.
  • lassies My old fashioned lassies love me dearly.
  • lessees The lessees were not happy with the proposed deal.
  • looses He looses his grip on the rope and fell into the water.
  • loses
  • losses The company reported huge losses in the last quarter.
  • lotuses In the pond were dozens of lotuses, their delicate petals unfolding in the sun.
  • Mosses Mosses grow on damp and shady surfaces in the forest.
  • posses She was arrested for illegal posses of firearms.
  • tosses The chef tosses the salad in a large bowl before adding the dressing.

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