Correct spelling for LOUGE

We think the word louge is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for louge

  • gouge A machinist's chisel shaped at the cutting end like a carpenter's gouge.
  • large And the next time the Doctor called, I told him that it seemed to me that I must write a book-a big book-and "that is the worst of it," said I, "I don't want a large book, but I don't see how I can cut it down, and do it justice.
  • ledge Sir Edwin Uniacke did not appear again at the Ledge, or not farther than the hall, where Christian, in passing, saw several of his cards lying in the card-basket.
  • liege When I arrived I found two young ladies from Liege, in one of whom I got interested directly.
  • locke The scholastic doctrine of essences long survived the theory on which it rested, that of the existence of real entities corresponding to general terms; and it was reserved for Locke, at the end of the seventeenth century, to convince philosophers that the supposed essences of classes were merely the signification of their names; nor, among the signal services which his writings rendered to philosophy, was there one more needful or more valuable.
  • lodge We were friends still, and I-cursed fool that I was-took him to the gamekeeper's lodge to introduce him to my sweetheart.
  • log "But He always gives more than our expectings or deservings," said the old woman kindly, as she put another log on the fire.
  • loge He had acted as secretary, interpreter, and general factotum, to a whole succession of ambassadors, and thus his little loge, as he called it, had become something of a home.
  • logger Still, though he was naturally not aware of it, a great deal was to depend upon the fact that he followed the advice of the logger, who traced out a diagram on the bench upon which they sat.
  • logo P. Boa foy logo ca vinda.
  • logy The writer once saw a fellow, apparently a sneak-thief, cutting across the City Hall Park, in front of the Tribune building, at a clipping pace, while some distance behind came one of those majestic but logy guardians of the peace, making about one foot to the other's two, and, finally, seeing how hopeless was the pursuit, bringing his club around and throwing it after the escaping thief-and with what result? Excellent for the thief, for, instead of coming anywhere near him, it passed dangerously close to the abdomen of a worthy but obese citizen, who chanced to be passing that way.
  • lough Lough Gur, 78, 386. Lug, 62, 292, 369, 450. Lugnasadh, 451. Lutins, 159 n.
  • lounge The rest of the cousins are ladies and gentlemen of various ages and capacities; the major part, amiable and sensible, and likely to have done well enough in life if they could have overcome their cousinship; as it is, they are almost all a little worsted by it, and lounge in purposeless and listless paths, and seem to be quite as much at a loss how to dispose of themselves as anybody else can be how to dispose of them.
  • louse He borrowed a small car,-one scornfully designated as a "road louse,"-and assembled in it, in wild confusion, one suit of clothes for me, his own and much too small, one hypodermic case, an armful of newspapers with red scare-heads, a bottle of brandy, a bottle of digitalis, one police card, and one excited young lawyer, of the same vintage in law that Mac and I were in medicine.
  • lug Then I has the steward lug up a lot of cold bottles and I breaks a ten year drouth with a whole glass of fizz water.
  • luge In order to increase East Germany's effort to win more bobsleigh and luge medals both at the Winter Olympics and their respective sports world championships, a track was constructed.
  • luger The Germans also experimented with machine pistols, by converting various types of semi-automatic pistols to full-auto, such as Luger P08 "Artillery Pistol" with its long barrel, detachable stock and 32-round drum magazine.
  • luke 26; St. Luke xxiv.
  • rouge Rouge was worn by lower class women.
  • Louie "The girls dance in here," Louie explained.

24 words made from the letters louge

4 letter words made from louge:

eglu, luge, gelu, ogle, geul, gulo, golu, loue, oglu, ugle, loeu, gelo, glue, loge, gole.

3 letter words made from louge:

gel, lug, ego, leu, log, leg, luo, leo.

5 letter words made from louge:


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