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How to spell LOVIEE correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "loviee" instead of "love", worry not! The correct spelling is "love". Make sure to double-check your typing and remember that love is spelled with just one 'e.' Mistakes happen, but now you know the correct way to spell this word!

List of suggestions on how to spell loviee correctly

  • Bovine The farmer raised bovine animals such as cows and bulls on his ranch.
  • Levee The river's levee prevented the town from flooding during the heavy rain.
  • Levied The tax was levied on all imported goods.
  • Levier
  • Levies The local government levies a tax on all commercial properties in the downtown area.
  • Levine Levine's artistic abilities are widely recognized in the art community.
  • Levite The Levite tribe was responsible for the maintenance and service in the temple.
  • Logier
  • Loire The Loire Valley is known for its stunning châteaux and scenic countryside.
  • Lorie Lorie was pleased with the outcome of her project.
  • Louie Louie is an excellent chef who prepares delicious dishes.
  • Louise Louise is learning to play the violin.
  • Love Love is a powerful and complex emotion that can bring both joy and pain.
  • Loved She had always loved spending time by the ocean.
  • Lover He bought a bouquet of roses for his lover on Valentine's Day.
  • Loves She loves reading books by her favorite author.
  • Lovey She hugged her lovey tightly as she fell asleep.
  • Loving She had a loving heart that always put others before herself.
  • Movie I am excited to watch the new movie that just came out.
  • Movies Every Friday night, my friends and I have a tradition of renting movies and ordering pizza.
  • Novice As a novice painter, she was still learning how to mix colors.
  • Soviet The dissolution of the Soviet Union marked the end of the Cold War.

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