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How to spell LOVILY correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "lovily" instead of "lovely", worry not! Here are some correct suggestions. The word you intended could be "lovely", meaning delightful or charming. Alternately, you might be referring to "lively", describing something full of energy. Remember to proofread carefully to avoid such errors in the future!

List of suggestions on how to spell lovily correctly

  • lazily The cat lazily stretched out on the windowsill in the warm sunlight.
  • levity He tried to inject some levity into the tense situation by telling a joke.
  • lily The lily in the vase filled the room with its fragrant aroma.
  • lively The party was very lively with dancing and laughter.
  • lividly The anger on his face was lividly clear.
  • loftily The queen loftily refused the king's proposal.
  • lolly I enjoyed licking my lolly during the hot summer day.
  • lonely I feel lonely at home since my husband died.
  • lordly The lordly gentleman strutted into the room, causing all eyes to turn towards him.
  • loudly
  • Lousily She managed to complete the project, but her work was done lousily.
  • lovably She is lovably scruffy.
  • lovely She has a lovely pair of eyes.
  • Lovey My niece likes to snuggle with her lovey at bedtime.
  • loving She only wanted a caring and loving partner who would stand by her.
  • lovingly She hugged her daughter lovingly before dropping her off at school.
  • lowly I cannot believe how lowly you think of me.

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