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How to spell LUGAGE correctly?

If you accidentally misspell "lugage" as "luggage", don't worry! Auto-correct or spell-check can fix it for you. Alternatively, you may consider using online dictionaries to ensure accuracy. Remember, even small mistakes can be easily rectified with these helpful tools.

List of suggestions on how to spell lugage correctly

  • gage This cheap gage is deceiving.
  • lavage After the lavage, the water should be waste-free.
  • legate The legate of the Pope was welcomed with open arms by the Catholic community.
  • ligate The doctor was able to ligate the severed vessels and stop the bleeding.
  • linage The royal family's linage can be traced back for centuries.
  • luge The luge course is a challenging one.
  • luggage I packed my luggage for my trip to Europe.
  • Lugged
  • lugger The lugger was making good time across the waves.
  • lunge The horse made a sudden lunge, throwing its rider off balance.

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