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How to spell LUKEY correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "lukey" instead of "lucky", don't fret! Auto-correct errors are common. To rectify the situation, ensure you meant "lucky" and use it in your conversation or text. Lucky refers to a fortunate or favorable circumstance, often bringing positive outcomes.

List of suggestions on how to spell lukey correctly

  • duke The duke of Cambridge is second in line to the British throne.
  • fluke
  • fluky Her victory in the tournament was entirely fluky.
  • gluey She used a gluey substance to stick the pieces together.
  • key The key to my kingdom is hanging on a peg near the door.
  • lackey Emily's lackey helped her pack her bags.
  • lake I went swimming in the lake last summer.
  • lakes The lakes in this area provide a lot of freshwater for the city.
  • leakey Richard Leakey is a renowned paleoanthropologist who made significant contributions to the study of human evolution.
  • like I like to listen to music in my headphones.
  • liked
  • likely Let's go for a walk in the park and likely discuss our situation.
  • liken I like to liken my husband to a bear.
  • likes She likes to walk in the park on sunny days.
  • lube I need some lube so I don't hurt myself when we have sex.
  • luce
  • lucked
  • lucky I'm really lucky to have friends like you.
  • lucy Lucy is a diligent student who always completes her homework on time.
  • luge I watched the Olympic athletes speed down the luge track at top speeds.
  • luger He pointed his Luger at the rat and pulled the trigger.
  • luke
  • Lupe Lupe is a common name in Spanish speaking countries.
  • lure She tried to lure him in with a smile, but he seemed immune to her charms.
  • Lurked I cautiously lurked around the corner, waiting for an opportunity to strike.
  • lurker I'm a lurker on the internet, I like to read but never post.
  • lute Her father was a lute teacher.
  • nuke The government threatened to nuke the country if the rebellion continued.
  • puke I felt like I was going to puke after eating that expired burger.
  • turkey My brother is bringing home a turkey for Thanksgiving.

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