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How to spell LUTTLE correctly?

There are a few possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "luttle". It could be "little", "luteal" or "bottle". Depending on the context, any of these could be the intended word and a quick correction could avoid confusion.

List of suggestions on how to spell luttle correctly

  • battle The army prepared for the upcoming battle against their enemy.
  • bottle I am going to buy a bottle of water for my trip.
  • cattle The farm had a large herd of cattle grazing in the pasture.
  • fettle I'm in fine fettle today, thanks for asking!
  • futile I realized that arguing with Tom was futile since he never changed his mind.
  • hurtle The roller coaster seemed to hurtle down the tracks at an alarming speed.
  • kettle I boiled water in a kettle for my morning tea.
  • latte I'll have a pumpkin spice latte, please.
  • little
  • littler The littler cat is often overshadowed by its larger sibling.
  • Lottie My little niece is named Lottie.
  • Lucile My Lucile is elegant and graceful.
  • lute The lute was played by Sarah.
  • mettle She had plenty of mettle to fight for what she believed in.
  • mottle
  • nettle I accidentally brushed against a nettle while hiking and it left a painful rash on my arm.
  • rattle I heard a rattle coming from the engine of my car.
  • settle I need to settle this bill before we can leave the restaurant.
  • shuttle The space shuttle is capable of carrying astronauts and payloads into space.
  • tattle I promised not to tattle on my brother if he gave me a piece of his candy.
  • tittle
  • turtle The turtle was stuck on the log.
  • wattle The wattle on the monkey's neck was colorful and very pronounced.

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