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How to spell LY correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "ly" instead of "by", "my" or "fly", following are the possible correct suggestions that your autocorrect might suggest: By, my, fly, lay, ley, lye, Sly or ply. Choose the right word based on the context of the sentence.

List of suggestions on how to spell ly correctly

  • by I caught the ball by sticking out my hand.
  • dy
  • fly I like to fly fish in my backyard.
  • Fy I found a feathery fy inside the toy box.
  • ky
  • L
  • la
  • lay
  • lb I need to purchase five lb of sugar from the grocery store.
  • LC I need to check the LC terms before finalizing the order with my supplier.
  • le
  • LG I recently purchased an LG television for my living room.
  • li Li is an element in the periodic table with the atomic number of 3.
  • LL Red is the color of the LL Bean company.
  • LN
  • Lo I lost my keys, Lo!
  • lp I need a new laptop, my old one is lp.
  • LR
  • LS LS is my favorite letter of the alphabet.
  • LT The lieutenant (LT) gave the order to advance.
  • lu A rainbow lu the sky.
  • lye I always wear gloves when I use the lye because I don't want any of it getting on me.
  • LYX
  • My
  • ny
  • ply
  • Ry
  • sly The sly fox quietly slipped through the fence and into the chicken coop.
  • Ty
  • wy

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