Correct spelling for MACAHINE

We think the word macahine is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for macahine

  • Machine
  • I don't care where you're bound for, but you've got to make room for me and a dying man in your machine.

  • Mackinaw
  • Small british garrisons still remained in the frontier posts of ogdensburg, oswego, niagara, erie, sandusky, detroit, and mackinaw, but by the terms of the treaty these places were to be promptly surrendered to the united states.

  • Magazine
  • It is not necessary to send the entire magazine for all six, simply the pages dealing with the article.

  • Margarine
  • Many people are now avoiding it and instead, using margarine.

  • Maxine
  • He had seen maxine elliott in the heyday of her cold, clear, brainless beauty, with her great, slightly protuberant eyes set so far apart, her exquisitely chiselled white nose, and her black black hair.

  • Macaroni
  • Macaroni should be plunged in boiling water, otherwise it gets tough.

  • Mcmahon
  • After the landing of cromwell, when to any sensible man there no longer remained hope of serving the cause of the king, when the desire which is natural to every human heart, of saving what can be saved, might, not only without dishonor, but with justice and right, have dictated the necessity of coming to terms with the parliamentarians, and of abandoning a cause which was hopeless, "on the 4th of december, 1649, eber mcmahon, bishop of clogher, a mere irishman by name, by descent, by enthusiastic attachment to his country, exerted his great abilities to rouse his countrymen to a persevering resistance to cromwell, and to unite all hearts and hands in the support of ormond's administration.

  • Margin
  • Beethoven himself had but just entered upon an unknown 'sea whose margin seemed to fade forever and forever as he moved;' but good old haydn had come into port over a calm sea and after a prosperous voyage.

  • Making
  • I cannot do anything without making more trouble.

  • Mcclain
  • "we are sorry to have intruded upon you even for a short time, miss mason," donald mcclain protested.

  • Mccain
  • We did not believe that you had killed your comrades; you would have starved first; nor did gillies or mccain or jules believe in the truth of the charge of the lelacs.

274 words made from the letters macahine

6 letter words made from macahine:

mencia, anemia, chamei, machin, iceman, chemin, chaman, amenia, chamie, chaine, naameh, animae, haemic, michan, anhima, hanami, anemic, mancha, haimen, encima, amihan, mincha, hemani, manahi, namche, aachen, mahane, michna, maniac, hamina, chamni, nechai, canham, namhae, caiman, maniae, mihnea, imnaha, anchia, anahim, mechai, haenam, machen, nemaha, manica, cinema, macina, machan.

3 letter words made from macahine:

cia, han, ani, ane, mei, ice, can, nim, hen, cam, ana, chi, man, aim, men, ham, iaa, ain, inh, ecm, hem, hie, mac, nec, aec, min, hin, ace.

5 letter words made from macahine:

chine, aecia, nhema, cania, chein, amnic, ahmen, emana, amain, nahma, imane, meina, chami, haema, minch, hanim, hemin, manai, cihan, cahen, chena, haina, chime, cinae, ceman, miana, chain, heian, mehan, emain, mahan, enaam, mchan, hamin, menai, mance, haine, machi, hemic, manic, cheia, mench, aiham, hanai, nicha, caman, niche, achan, mania, minah, eiman, nahem, achen, maina, amine, anime, hanac, mahna, minec, anima, imaan, hiace, aiman, naach, minea, minhe, manea, aemia, anche, camhi, mahia, chemi, namie, micaa, cheam, himan, canem, nahim, ahman, caneh, incae, namah, nameh, amien, ahani, ecaha, anema, hacia, mecha, mahen, haman, canai, menia, naeim, amane, emani, enami, haima, ehman, aicha, china, ciena, chien, mince, nahai, maine, canim, iname, amnia, cinma, chian, achna, meana, nachi, anahi, ancha, mihan, manah.

4 letter words made from macahine:

7 letter words made from macahine:

camaien, mechana, caminha, achenia, maniche, anaemic, mechina, ichnaea, mahican, maniace, machina, anaheim, machian, machine, canemah, eichman.