Correct spelling for MACHIEN

We think the word machien is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for machien

  • Mach
  • Robot adept: this title officially belongs to mach, the son of citizen blue and sheen.

  • Chen
  • Chen ii, reginald; signatory of national bond with wales; father of reginald chen iii; m. mary, dau. of freskin and johanna of strathnaver, got one-fourth of caithness; had regrant of strathnaver lands; kerrow-na-shein.

  • Machine
  • Bank governor's machine weighs sovereigns, light ones go to the right, and heavy ones to the left.

  • Aachen
  • Charles i (the great), extinguishes the lombard kingdom, 41; is received with honours by pope hadrian and the people, 41; his personal ambition, 42; his treatment of pope leo iii, 44; title of 'champion of the faith and defender of the holy see' conferred upon, 47; crowned at rome, 48; important consequences of his coronation, 50, 52; its real meaning, 52, 80, 81; contemporary accounts, 53, 64, 65, 84; their uniformity, 56; illegality of the transaction, 56; three theories respecting it held four centuries after, 57; was the coronation a surprise? 58; his reluctance to assume the imperial title, 60; solution suggested by doellinger, 60; seeks the hand of irene, 61; defect of his imperial title, 61; theoretically the successor of the whole eastern line of emperors, 62, 63; has nothing to fear from byzantine princes, 63; his authority in matters ecclesiastical, 64; presses hadrian to declare constantine vi a heretic, 64; his spiritual despotism applauded by subsequent popes, 64; importance attached by him to the imperial name, 65; issues a capitulary, 65; draws closer the connexion of church and state, 66; new position in civil affairs acquired with the imperial title, 67, 68, 69; his position as frankish king, 69, 70; partial failure of his attempt to breathe a teutonic spirit into roman forms, 70, 71; his personal habits and sympathies, 71; groundlessness of the claims of the modern french to, 71; the conception of his empire roman, not teutonic, 72; his empire held together by the church, 73; appreciation of his character generally, 73, 74; impress of his mind on mediaeval society, 74; buried at aachen, 74; inscription on his tomb, 74; canonised as a saint, 75; his plan of empire, 76.

  • Mashing
  • The hut was built of upright poles, had a steep projecting roof thatched with palm leaves, and the sides protected by the same material; as we stopped in front, we saw a woman within mashing maize for tortillas, which promised a speedy supper.

  • Chin
  • He strode out of the mist again, frowning, with his chin hung low and fists clenched tight at his sides.

    From the edge of her chin While she spied the condition Her sister was in She quivered 'n quaked

    – Dinah-Moe-Humm by Frank Zappa
  • Machines
  • The party abandoned the machines and in skirmish order proceeded up the glen.

  • Maine
  • What beautiful postals you sent her last year from maine; the summer before from yellowstone park; and those eyetalian ones were grand; one year, even from californy.

  • Mien
  • "it is droll enough, truly, to see the landlord of the 'foul anchor' dumb-foundered," returned the old man, with perfect composure in mien and eye.

  • Machined
  • Double-action only a double-action, also known as double-action only (dao) to prevent confusion with da/sa designs, is a design which either has no internal sear mechanism capable of holding the hammer or striker in the cocked position (semi-automatics), or has the entire hammer shrouded and/or has the thumb spur machined off, preventing the user from cocking it (revolvers).

  • Martian
  • "and as i am most anxious to learn more about the conditions of life in your world," i added, eagerly, "i trust you will continue the account of martian observations of earth, which was barely commenced last evening when the wave contact ceased.

  • Chine
  • The ascent, commenced almost immediately, is by a ravine-a sort of gorge or chine worn out by the water from the spring-head above and disintegrating rains throughout the long ages.

  • Marching
  • His squadrons followed, marching at midnight, and bringing with them 165 prisoners and 260 captured horses and mules.

  • Matching
  • While they were in this way together on the rhine it was decided that very soon after their return to england phineas and mrs. finn should go down to matching.

  • Machinery
  • What do i know about machinery?

  • Main
  • The owners commenced to build branch railways almost before they had a main line.

181 words made from the letters machien

3 letter words made from machien:

han, hen, aec, mac, can, cam, ecm, hem, ani, hin, ain, ace, ham, hie, mei, nec, chi, man, ice, inh, min, aim, cia, nim, men, ane.

4 letter words made from machien:

5 letter words made from machien:

iname, achen, china, anche, hamin, nahem, hanim, haine, camhi, chain, emani, ceman, cheia, chien, niche, minhe, mchan, manic, namie, nicha, emain, maine, himan, minah, heian, cahen, cinae, chime, nahim, nachi, minea, cheam, mahen, eiman, mehan, hemic, mihan, meina, menia, canim, minec, incae, cinma, enami, hemin, chami, ahmen, ciena, machi, chein, mench, amnic, chine, mince, naeim, hiace, mecha, nhema, minch, chian, chemi, imane, mance, menai, anime, chena, ehman, amien, cihan, nameh, caneh, canem, amine.

6 letter words made from machien:

hemani, anemic, namche, mechai, machen, encima, michna, mihnea, chamie, nechai, iceman, cinema, chamni, machin, mincha, chemin, michan, mencia, haemic, chamei, chaine, haimen.

7 letter words made from machien:

mechina, machine, eichman, maniche.