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How to spell MADUM correctly?

If you are looking for the correct suggestions to replace the misspelled word "madum", here are a few options: "madam", "madman", "medium", "maddens" or "mature". These words have different meanings and spellings, so consider the context to choose the most suitable replacement.

List of suggestions on how to spell madum correctly

  • adam
  • ADM I am the ADM of this company.
  • ma'am Ma'am, may I take your coat?
  • mad I was so mad when I spilled coffee on my new shirt.
  • madam Excuse me, madam, would you mind helping me find my way to the train station?
  • madame
  • Madams The Madams in the brothel were notorious for their strict rules and regulations.
  • made She made a delicious cake for her best friend's birthday party.
  • Mads Mads is my new neighbor who moved in last week.
  • maim The explosion had the power to maim anyone who was standing nearby.
  • mam
  • marduk Marduk was a god worshipped in ancient Babylon.
  • Maud Maud was eager to start her new job at the boutique.
  • McAdam McAdam was one of the only places with power during the recent storm.
  • medium
  • modem I need to replace my modem in order to get faster internet speeds.
  • mum
  • radium Scientists discovered that radium emits alpha, beta, and gamma rays.

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