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How to spell MAGAGE correctly?

If you came across the misspelling "magage", here are some possible correct suggestions. It is likely intended to be "manage", a verb meaning to control or organize something. Double-check your spelling to avoid confusion and ensure effective communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell magage correctly

  • baggage I have so much baggage from my previous relationship, it's hard to trust anyone again.
  • gage The worker used a gage to check the thickness of the metal sheet.
  • Madge
  • Maggie Ivana had a Maggie the Wonder Dog.
  • magpie I spotted a magpie in the tree outside my window.
  • manage I have to manage my time wisely if I want to accomplish all of my goals.
  • manager My manager gave me a promotion after I consistently showed dedication and hard work in my role.
  • Manege The children were thrilled to watch the horse riders practice their routines in the manege.
  • mange The stray dog had developed a severe case of mange, causing it to lose most of its fur.
  • marge After the party, Marge and Lisa went to their separate homes.
  • massage I need a massage to relieve the tension in my neck.
  • menage
  • mirage The mirage was so real that I thought I was standing in the desert.

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