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How to spell MAIGERE correctly?

If you're struggling with the spelling of "maigere", here are a few possible correct suggestions. Firstly, "meagre" is a commonly used alternative spelling that means lacking in quantity or quality. Another option would be "mager", which is the German word for "lean". Lastly, "magere" is the correct spelling in Dutch, similar to its French counterpart.

List of suggestions on how to spell maigere correctly

  • Hangar The hangar was filled with various aircraft awaiting maintenance.
  • Maggie Maggie is known for her impeccable taste in fashion.
  • Magyar
  • Maidan Protesters gathered at Maidan Nezalezhnosti in Kiev, demanding political reform and social justice.
  • Maier Tom Maier is an accomplished photographer known for his stunning landscapes.
  • Maigret Inspector Maigret is known for his astute detective skills and knack for solving complex cases.
  • Mailer I received a package from the mailer and was surprised by its contents.
  • Mailers I received several promotional mailers advertising new products from different companies.
  • Maiman Dr. Maiman is one of the pioneers in laser technology.
  • Mainer My uncle is a proud Mainer, born and raised in Portland.
  • Mainers Mainers enjoy the outdoor activities that the state of Maine has to offer.
  • Maisie Maisie is always there to lend a helping hand to her friends.
  • Maltier The maltier flavor of the dark beer made it a favorite among beer enthusiasts.
  • Manga I enjoy reading manga, especially the fantasy and adventure genres.
  • Mangas I enjoy reading mangas because they beautifully blend intricate illustrations with captivating storylines.
  • Manger The baby Jesus was laid in a manger, as depicted in traditional Nativity scenes.
  • Mangers The team of mangers worked together to develop a comprehensive business plan.
  • Mangier
  • Manlier He tries to appear manlier by participating in extreme sports and being rougher with his friends.
  • Margery Margery is a talented artist, known for her stunning oil paintings.
  • Margie Margie is organizing a surprise party for her best friend's birthday.
  • Mayfair I recently visited Mayfair, a luxurious neighborhood in London known for its high-end shops and exquisite restaurants.
  • Midair The acrobat performed a daring stunt, flipping midair before landing gracefully on the tightrope.
  • Misère
  • Rieger I met my friend's dog, Rieger, and he was the most playful and friendly puppy I had ever seen.
  • Taiga The taiga is known for its vast expanses of evergreen forests and cold temperatures.
  • Taigas Taigas are vast forested regions that cover large parts of Russia, Canada, and Scandinavia.
  • Wiemar The Wiemar Republic was the democratic government in Germany after World War I.

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