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How to spell MAIGHT correctly?

If you've meant to write "maight" but realized it's a misspelling, fret not! The correct term is "might". It's an essential auxiliary verb to express possibility or probability. So, next time you want to convey strength or likelihood, remember to use "might" instead of "maight."

List of suggestions on how to spell maight correctly

  • aught I haven't felt aught but joy since I met you.
  • bight The captain steered the ship into the bight, a curved section of the coastline sheltered from the strong winds.
  • Caught
  • eight I have a meeting at eight in the morning.
  • fight
  • height The height of the mountain was so great that climbing it seemed like an impossible task to many.
  • knight The knight fought bravely in the battle, defending his kingdom.
  • light
  • maggot
  • might I might go to the beach this weekend if the weather is nice.
  • mighty The mighty oak tree stood tall and firm in the middle of the forest.
  • naught Despite all his hard work, John earned naught in return.
  • night After spending a night outside, I feel more energized.
  • right I need to go to the right register.
  • sight
  • taught Mia was taught how to shoot by her father.
  • tight She had to wear a tight dress because it was the only one available.
  • weight I need to lose some weight before my friend's wedding next month.
  • wight A wight attacked my horse, but I was able to fight him off.
  • wright The wright craftsman was able to create a beautiful chair from scratch.

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