Correct spelling for MAIGHT

We think the word maight is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for maight

  • aught And call the woman of the house if thou desirest her aid and comfort in aught."
  • bight She came into the bight of the bay, and anchored about fifteen miles below us.
  • eight "I lost the notebook here yesterday evening, between six and eight.
  • fight I can't fight your father's son.
  • height The place chosen was in a portion of the forest where the trees were of great height with little under-wood.
  • knight Besides, next day the true knight would be starting back for Europe.
  • light I am as light as-!
  • mad He knew he had done well and was more "mad" about the opera than ever.
  • mag Wer mag daraus noch trinken?
  • maggot Yes, I have some twenty or thirty acres that are level, the soil is easily worked and friable, not troubled much with maggot, and, if properly handled, is about sure of a crop.
  • magi Like the Magi, they followed a star in the firmament with which they were familiar.
  • maid She cannot do without a maid, can she?
  • malt On the afternoon of the fire the police broke open every saloon and corner grocery in the saved district and poured all malt and spirituous liquors into the gutters.
  • maoist Refugees and internally displaced persons: refugees (country of origin): 104,235 (Bhutan) IDPs: 100,000-200,000 (ongoing conflict between government forces and Maoist rebels; displacement spread across the country) (2004)
  • mart It has lost its ancient importance as a seat of government and a mart of commerce.
  • mast I can make out that she is a heavy steamer," he added, as Marcy moved to the other side of the mast, and the mate came up and stood beside the captain, "and if she can't make us out, too, every soul aboard of her must be blind.
  • mat Ann Packet had opened the street-door, and looked inclined to shut it again, had not the visitor forestalled her-she was never very quick in her movements-by springing on to the mat, and thence with a bound to the parlour door.
  • math Da Vinci Science High School is preparing students for college completion and careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subjects.
  • matt Matt walked away to one of Wade's gothic windows, and looked out.
  • matte In the wet process the ores, in which the bismuth is present as oxide or carbonate, are dissolved out with hydrochloric acid, or, if the bismuth is to be extracted from a matte or alloy, the solvent employed is aqua regia or strong sulphuric acid.
  • mid 9. Use not the high breath alone, or the mid-breath, or the low breath, but use the complete breath.
  • midget The kitten, a black-and-white midget suggestive of a Coles-Phillips drawing, rubbed insistently against the girl's foot.
  • might "However that might be, we were very happy for a time.
  • mighty "They are mighty welcome, child.
  • milt Now Mrs Milt, the doctor's got his turn after laughing at us poor mortals so long.
  • mint The Notary talked on with eager gesture and wreathing smile, shaking back his oiled ringlets as though they trespassed on his smooth, somewhat jaundiced cheeks, until it began to dawn upon him that there was no coin of real applause to be got at this mint.
  • mirth Mirth was the order of the day, and I kept the company at table till an hour after midnight.
  • mist
  • mit
  • mite
  • mitt
  • naught
  • night
  • right
  • sight
  • taught
  • tight
  • weight
  • wight
  • wright
  • Caught He sprang forward and caught her by the wrist.
  • Mitty
  • Mai Mai dear fellow, your governor, as a magistrate, ought to see to it!
  • Marty "Oh, yes," grunted Marty.
  • Marta Marta recollected that it was a favorite expression of the fat, pompous little man.
  • MIG Mig, her man's as good as cheese And honest as a briar, Sue tells her love what he's thinking of,- But my dear lad's a liar!
  • mightier And let thy tale be that another land, Phocis, hath sent thee forth, and Phanoteus, Than whom they have no mightier help in war.
  • mishit

51 words made from the letters maight

3 letter words made from maight:

hat, atm, tai, gmt, igm, ham, thm, aim, tam, mag, iga, mit, tag, gat, mat, tia, hag.

4 letter words made from maight:

5 letter words made from maight:

ghati, mathi, hitam, thagi, gaith, itgam, timah, maigh, thami, taghi, mitha, thaim, hagit, might.

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