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How to spell MAIRE correctly?

If you're searching for "maire" but suspect there might be a mistake, here are some possible correct alternatives worth considering. You may have meant "mare", referring to a female horse. Another option is "maize", which denotes the crop commonly known as corn. Lastly, "moire" refers to a fabric with a wavy, watered appearance. Double-check your intended meaning and select the appropriate term accordingly.

List of suggestions on how to spell maire correctly

  • maine
  • maize The farmer harvested a large crop of maize from his fields.
  • maori
  • mara The mara, also known as the Patagonian hare, is a mammal that resembles a rabbit but is twice the size.
  • mare The mare pranced around the field, flaunting her beautiful black coat.
  • mari
  • Marie A beautiful painting of Marie Antoinette hung on the wall.
  • marry I am going to marry my fiance next month.
  • mary
  • Maura
  • Mauro Mauro is a talented musician who has released several albums.
  • Mayra Mayra is a talented artist who creates beautiful paintings.
  • mere She scoffed at the mere suggestion that she couldn't do it.
  • Mira Mira is my best friend at the office.
  • mire
  • miro
  • miry My favorite color is blue, but miry is also really pretty.
  • Moira Moira was thrilled to receive an invitation to the prestigious awards ceremony.
  • moire I spotted a moire pattern in the fabric.
  • moore
  • more She wants more coffee.
  • zaire I wasn't sure if I could get the zaire out, but I I did and it's now in my hair!

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