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How to spell MAJIC correctly?

If you've mistakenly spelled "majic" instead of "magic", fear not! Here are a few suitable suggestions to correct this misspelling. Try "magic", "mage" or "magi" instead. These words encompass the enchanting concept of supernatural phenomena, making your text perfectly spellbound once again.

List of suggestions on how to spell majic correctly

  • mac
  • magi The magi came from the East bearing gifts for the newborn king.
  • magic She performed a magic trick and made the whole audience gasp in amazement.
  • Magics The magician wowed the audience with his incredible magics.
  • Maj
  • major The company has announced a major restructuring plan to increase profits.
  • maniac The maniac behind the wheel was driving recklessly and putting everyone's lives in danger.
  • manic Sarah's constant pacing and inability to sit still made it clear that she was in a manic state.
  • manioc Manioc is a starchy root vegetable commonly used in African and South American cuisine.
  • marc
  • MASC
  • maxi The maxi skirt is my new favorite skirt.
  • medic The medic treated the wounded soldier with great care and expertise.
  • Mejia Mejia is a common Spanish surname.
  • MIC MIT's Institute of Creative technologies has a very strong software development lab, known as the MIC Lab.
  • mimic The parrot was able to mimic the sounds of the music playing on the radio.
  • music

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