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How to spell MALLEIUS correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "malleius" instead of "malleus", here are some suggested corrections. The correct spelling is "malleus", a bone in the human ear. Double-check for "malleus" or consider alternatives like "hammer bone" or "ear bone" if referring to it informally.

List of suggestions on how to spell malleius correctly

  • Ballads I love listening to old folk ballads that tell captivating stories.
  • Callas The opera singer Maria Callas had a mesmerizing voice that captivated audiences around the world.
  • Dallas I am planning a trip to Dallas, Texas to visit my cousin next month.
  • Malians The Malians celebrate their rich cultural heritage through vibrant music and dance.
  • Mallard I spotted a pair of Mallard ducks wading in the pond.
  • Mallards I saw a flock of Mallards gracefully swimming in the pond at the park.
  • Malleolus I sprained my ankle and my malleolus was swollen and tender.
  • Mallets The percussionist skillfully used two mallets to play the xylophone.
  • Malraux
  • Mullahs The mullahs hold significant power in the religious hierarchy of Iran.
  • Wallahs I always enjoy visiting the local market, where the wallahs are skilled at their trade and provide the best quality goods.

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