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How to spell MANACE correctly?

If you typed "manace" instead of "menace", fear not! Auto-correct mishaps happen to the best of us. To fix this error, simply change the "a" to an "e". That way, your text will convey the intended meaning of a threat or danger.

List of suggestions on how to spell manace correctly

  • dance I love to dance with my best friend at weddings.
  • lance The knight held his lance steady as he charged towards the enemy.
  • mace The medieval knight carried a heavy mace for close combat.
  • manacle The manacle encircled his wrist tightly.
  • manage We will need to manage our time wisely to get the most out of the session.
  • manager The manager of the store made sure all employees were trained and following company policies.
  • manages She manages the team with ease and efficiency, ensuring that all work is completed on time.
  • manatee The manatee is a gentle and slow-moving marine mammal found in warm shallow waters.
  • mane The lion's golden mane glistened in the sun.
  • mange Hey, what's wrong with your dog - he's got mange!
  • maniac The maniac driver weaved in and out of traffic recklessly.
  • maniacs There are a group of maniacs who enjoy bungee jumping off of tall buildings.
  • manic The woman's mood swings were so extreme that she could go from being depressed to manic in a matter of hours.
  • manics The manics were so enthusiastic that they finished the project before the deadline.
  • manse The manse is a large house which is used by the clergy.
  • menace She feared that he might be a menace to her safety.
  • Menaced The village was menaced by a pack of wild wolves.
  • menaces The dark clouds overhead and the howling wind were clear menaces that a storm was about to hit.
  • mince I refuse to mince words and just call it like it is.
  • panacea Doc recommended a panacea for all of his patients' ailments.
  • Vance Vance is the new quarterback for the Redskins.

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