How to spell MANDAY correctly?

We think the word manday is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell manday correctly

  • bandy I am not a guttersnipe to bandy words with you.
  • candy And as they would drive away, it seems I can still hear Mama saying to us, "Come on, children, let's go get a stick of candy."
  • dandy "That's the dandy kind," remarked a voice over his shoulder.
  • handy It was an interesting experience, and Gray obtained a deal of first-hand information that he believed would come in handy.
  • malady The Duke, upon whom a painful malady was beginning to creep, was bravely welcoming his innumerable guests.
  • mandalay What has Mandalay to do with you, and what have you to do with Mandalay?
  • mandate Nothing to do now but wait for the mandate, while the Zionists go behind our backs to the Foreign Office and scheme for the concessions.
  • manet Joaquin Manet painted moments in time.
  • mangy I can't believe my dog is eating worms again; she's got so much mangy fur.
  • mania She went into a frenzy when she couldn't find her phone.
  • manky
  • manly
  • manna
  • manta
  • many
  • maunder She was maundering on and on about her broken heart.
  • mayday I've been hit by a mayday from my aircraft!
  • meander Along the river meanders a path of fern and oak trees.
  • mend
  • midday
  • mind
  • monday I will observe my daily meditation routine on Monday.
  • monody The song's slow tempo and lamenting lyrics make it a monody in musical form.
  • panda These adorable pandas need our help in the rainforest!
  • randy
  • sandy
  • Maned I've never seen a maned animal before.
  • mandala From 1876 to 1905, urban development in Blantyre was confined to three distinct areas within 2 km of each other: Blantyre Mission at HHI, Mandala (European commercial venture), and the government zone and commercial centre triangle marked by Haile Selassie Road, Glyn Jones Road and Hannover Street.
  • Monty He tried to get up, but the pain in his injured knee was too much.
  • Amanda But neither she nor Amanda Parlow nor little Carolyn May was there.
  • Mandy Apparently Shade paid no heed to the advice nor the epithet, which was not meant to be offensive, but he knew that Mandy wanted a cow of just that price and a cow she would have; while he needed cartridges and other little "fixin's," and he owed for moonshine up a certain creek, and wanted more just then and badly.
  • Mindy Mindy always has great ideas for parties.
  • Wanda I've known Wanda for years.
  • Andy Tom told of the prospect of a new bank being started, and of Sam's midnight visit, as well as the encounter with Mr. Foger and Andy.
  • Minty After cleaning out the minty cake icing from his teeth, he decided that he needed to brush more often.
  • MAZDA My car is a Mazda.
  • Mondays
  • mantas I like to play board games with my family, especially when there's a snowstorm outside.

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  • patients
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