How to spell MANDES correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "mandes" instead of the correct word, here are a few suggestions to consider: "manes", which refers to spirits or ghosts; "mends", meaning to repair or fix something; or "males", which refers to the male gender. Choose the appropriate option based on the intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell mandes correctly

  • andes The Andes is the longest continental mountain range in the world, stretching over 7,000 kilometers.
  • Anodes The anodes in the battery are responsible for providing electrons to the cathodes, allowing the flow of current.
  • maddens Robin's fury maddens me.
  • madders
  • Mads
  • maidens Is it true that maidens sleep naked?
  • MAIDS The maids meticulously cleaned every corner of the room.
  • mandates The new law mandates that all public schools must offer nutritious meals to their students.
  • Mandy Mandy's favorite color is pink.
  • Maned The maned lion was a majestic sight to behold as he walked through the savannah with his pride.
  • Manes Three pairs of manes draped the shoulder of this massive black stallion.
  • manet Antoine Manet was a French artist.
  • manners She had the manners of a princess.
  • MANS
  • manse The manse is one of the most imposing buildings on the campus.
  • manses The wealthy owner of the estate owned multiple manses dotted throughout the countryside.
  • mantas I can't believe you mantas is going out with that guy.
  • mantels Her grandmother's mantels were heavily laden with dusty ornaments.
  • mantes The mantes are a traditional type of shawl.
  • mantis The praying mantis is known for its distinctive appearance and its ability to catch and eat insects.
  • mantles The mantles on the fireplace added a cozy and inviting atmosphere to the living room.
  • mates I love spending time with my mates.
  • maunder As she waits for the bus, she tends to maunder on about her day-to-day struggles.
  • maunders He had no intention of going to the maunders house party.
  • meander
  • meanders Along the river meanders a set of falls.
  • meanies I don't have time for meanies.
  • Mends She patiently mends her clothes every time they get a tear.
  • Menes Some ancient historians believe that Menes was the first king of Egypt.
  • minders The minders were there to make sure the children were safe.
  • minds The book is so intriguing that it captures the hearts and minds of its readers.
  • MINES The mines in this area have been inactive for years.
  • modes The new video game has five different game modes to choose from.

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