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How to spell MANDI correctly?

If the misspelling "mandi" is meant to refer to the Indonesian dish, the correct spelling is "nasi mandi". If it is meant to refer to the town in India, the correct spelling is "Mandi."

List of suggestions on how to spell mandi correctly

  • Amanda Amanda is my best friend and we have known each other since childhood.
  • And
  • mad She was mad at her sister for taking her clothes without asking.
  • made
  • Mahdi
  • maid The maid cleaned the room before the guests arrived.
  • man
  • Mandy
  • mane The lion's mane flowed in the wind as he roared fiercely.
  • Maned The maned lion is a big cat species found in Africa and the Americas.
  • manet I haven't seen her in years, but I remember her from Manet's paintings.
  • Mani I am a Mani, a Hindu Goddess of wisdom and protector.
  • mania During her mania, she spent thousands of dollars on clothes she never wore.
  • manic I have a manic episode every so often.
  • mann
  • manta I saw a giant manta Ray swimming near the shore.
  • mantis I found a mantis on the lawn.
  • many
  • Maud I met Maud at a party and we hit it off.
  • mend
  • midi I can't believe Sarah scored that winning goal in the84th minute with a midi ball.
  • mind I can't believe I left my mind in my car.
  • Mindy I think Mindy was the best boss ever.
  • mini This toy is perfect for mini fans.
  • Randi Randi did not show up to the party.

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