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How to spell MANDS correctly?

"Mands" is a common misspelling that can be easily corrected to "hands" by reviewing the context. Alternatively, if referring to a store, it could be corrected to "brands" or "stands". These corrections ensure clarity and accurate communication, allowing readers to properly comprehend the intended meaning of the word.

List of suggestions on how to spell mands correctly

  • bands The music store had a wide selection of bands to choose from.
  • hands
  • lands The farmer surveyed his lands to see which ones were ready to be harvested.
  • Mads Mads is a Danish actor known for his roles in the James Bond movie "Casino Royale" and the TV series "Hannibal.
  • MAIDS The maids were busy cleaning the room before the guests arrived.
  • Mandy Mandy is a talented singer who has performed at many venues around the country.
  • Manes The manes of the lion were golden in color.
  • MANS
  • mantas Mantas are large oceanic rays that can grow up to 20 feet in wingspan.
  • mantes
  • mantis I saw a praying mantis sitting on a nearby branch.
  • Mends She mends her daughter's dress skillfully.
  • minds Our class is filled with curious and open minds, eager to learn and explore.
  • mints
  • mounds The archaeologist discovered several ancient Indian burial mounds in the field.
  • sands The sands of the beach felt warm beneath my feet.
  • wands Harry Potter had two wands over the course of the series.

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