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How to spell MANKER correctly?

If you've misspelled "manker", here are some possible correct suggestions: "maker", "manor" or "marker". Double-check the context and intended meaning to determine the accurate replacement. Always proofread your writing or use spell-check tools to ensure proper spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell manker correctly

  • anger Her anger grew as she thought about the injustice she had experienced.
  • banker I met a banker at the fundraiser who was interested in donating to our charity.
  • canker The canker on the tree trunk caused it to wither and die.
  • danker I feel so danker right now.
  • hanker I often hanker for the days when life was simple and uncomplicated.
  • mainer The mainer carried the box inside.
  • make
  • maker The maker of the car designed it to be more efficient.
  • manager
  • mane The lion's majestic mane flowed in the wind as it scanned the horizon.
  • Maned
  • Manes Sofia had the manes of a white lion, which she kept covered with a heavy fur coat.
  • manet The painting is titled " Manet" after the artist who created it.
  • mange The stray dog has severe mange and needs veterinary attention.
  • manger The nativity scene featured a baby Jesus lying in a manger.
  • mangers The mangers in the barn were filled with fresh hay for the animals.
  • mangier I'm finding it harder and harder to stomach the smell of mangier cooked meat.
  • mangler
  • manky The meat in his sandwich was manky.
  • manner She behaved in a very proper manner at the formal dinner party.
  • manners She had great manners and always spoke politely.
  • manor The Tudors owned a beautiful manor.
  • manse The wealthy family purchased a large manse overlooking the hillside.
  • marker I used a permanent marker to write my name on the back of the book.
  • masker A gas masker was brought in to help the firefighters fight the blaze.
  • maunder People who maunder tend to be sad and feel bitterly sorry for themselves.
  • meander I like to meander along the river on the weekends.
  • meaner She sounded meaner than usual in her text message.
  • meeker He was a meeker man than ever I thought possible.
  • miner A miner is a person who extracts coal, gold, or other minerals from the earth.
  • moaner I can't stand working with that moaner - he complains about everything!
  • mocker I can't believe he would mocker me after what I've done for him.
  • monger The monger was selling fruits and vegetables.
  • moniker After his job ended, he changed his moniker to Sonny.
  • monkey The monkey in the tree was climbing up.
  • ranker She was so ranker than the other kids at recess.
  • tanker I spotted a tanker parked in my neighborhood.
  • wanker I can't believe that that wanker was on the bus with me.

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