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How to spell MANKERS correctly?

If you are trying to type "mankers" but end up misspelling it, here are some possible correct suggestions. The intended word could be "makers", which refers to individuals involved in producing or creating something. Alternatively, "bankers" could be the correct term, denoting professionals working in the banking industry. Be mindful of spelling to avoid confusion!

List of suggestions on how to spell mankers correctly

  • Angers
  • bankers Catherine's bankers were nervous about her venture into the restaurant business.
  • cankers It's important to get rid of the cankers on your tomatoes before they spoil.
  • hankers The woman hankers for a new job.
  • makers The makers of the new car model claim it is the most fuel-efficient vehicle on the market.
  • makes The cake makes my taste buds dance with joy.
  • managers The managers are discussing the new business strategy.
  • Manes The manes of the lion are often used in traditional costumes and rituals.
  • manger
  • mangers The mangers are in charge of keeping the food cool.
  • manners It's important to always use good manners when speaking to others.
  • manors The local residents in the area with large manors have raised concerns about the proposed development.
  • manses The billionaire owns several manses around the world.
  • mantes I love mantes, they're my favorite type of bread.
  • markers There are markers on the wall to show where to take off your shoes.
  • maskers Maskers are those who wear masks to protect them from the harmful effects of particles in the air.
  • maunders
  • meanders The river meanders through the forest, creating a peaceful and serene landscape.
  • MINERS The miners were working hard to search for the lost miners.
  • mockers We had a lot of mockers at our party.
  • mongers I didn't want to shop at the market because the smell of mongers was nauseating.
  • monikers My friends all had unique monikers for each other that perfectly captured their personalities.
  • Monkeys Monkeys are intelligent and charismatic animals that are closely related to humans.
  • tankers The port was filled with tankers waiting to dock and unload their cargo.

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