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How to spell MANTH correctly?

If you meant "month", try double-checking your spelling. If you are looking for alternatives, "fortnight" (2 weeks) or "quarter" (3 months) may be relevant depending on the context. Otherwise, "math", "mantle" or "anthem" may be unrelated but correctly spelled options.

List of suggestions on how to spell manth correctly

  • man
  • manchu
  • Mandy Mandy is an excellent cook and always impresses her guests with her delicious meals.
  • mane
  • Maned The maned lion stood regally on the savannah, its beautiful mane blowing in the wind.
  • Manes The manes of the lion were rustled by the wind as it walked through the grass.
  • manet Manet was born on this day in 1832.
  • mange Due to the severe case of mange, the dog had to receive treatment at the veterinarian's office.
  • mango
  • mangy The mangy dog wandered through the streets in search of food.
  • Mani I have a headache, can I take Mani?
  • mania My sister is having a mania for baking cookies.
  • manic She is feeling so manic that she cannot sit still for even a moment.
  • manky My skin feels icky and manky.
  • manly I can't believe you just acted like a manly man and stole my candy.
  • mann
  • manna The Israelites traveled through the desert for forty years to find manna.
  • manor The manor house was a beautiful building.
  • MANS
  • manse One of the manse's many attractions is the gardens.
  • manta The manta ray is one of the largest rays in the world.
  • many
  • Martha Martha Steward always puts her guests first.
  • math
  • Meant The dog meant to pull the toy but he got distracted and ended up taking my shoe.
  • mint I need to rinse off the mint before I eat it.
  • Minty The chewing gum left a minty freshness in my mouth.
  • mirth The children's laughter filled the room with mirth and happiness.
  • Mont
  • monte
  • month
  • months I have a feeling that we will be moving in a few months.
  • Monty
  • moth The moth fluttered against the window screen.
  • mouth My mouth is watering just thinking about the delicious pizza.
  • munch
  • myth The myth of Hercules has been fascinating people for centuries.
  • ninth I am going to eat my ninth donut this morning.
  • nth
  • tenth After the tenth failure, John decided to give up and go home.

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