Correct spelling for MANUERVER

We think the word manuerver is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for manuerver

  • Manger
  • As the angels before did say, they found him wrapt in hay in a manger where he lay, so poor he was.

  • Manuel
  • While these difficulties were surrounding captain gillespie at los angeles, lieutenant talbot, at santa barbara with his nine men, was not less dangerously situated; and when the former had made terms with the insurgents, manuel garpio with two hundred men moved against lieutenant talbot, surrounded the town, and demanded his surrender, offering two hours for his deliberation.

  • Maneuvers
  • I'm told over here that the war fiction we've had wished on us by the ton resembles the real thing just about as much as maneuvers look like the first battle of the marne, say, when the germans didn't know where they were at; went out quail hunting and struck a jungle full of tigers....

  • Never
  • "never you mind, man.

  • Maneuver
  • The maneuver was that of volplaning, and has been performed successfully by several aviators whose engines have suddenly ceased to work while in mid-air.

  • Manner
  • She was sure of this from his manner of speaking to herself.

  • Nervier
  • Mourner
  • I followed-a real mourner!

  • Manoeuvre
  • The st. regis was rapidly running alongside of her, for the chase did not seem to be going at her former speed; and no doubt her commander was busy working out some manoeuvre he had devised to escape from his pursuers.

  • Makeover
  • Bogart conceived the video for the song when he thought about how strange high-heeled footwear going through plastic surgery would be: "i had already made all of these sculptures and ceramics of hair products so i decided to make a high heel and have her get a makeover in a hair salon before she gets plastic surgery.

  • Minerva
  • Nor had she asked any questions of minerva or lysander.

  • Manure
  • As this is a good manure, as well as a great remedy for insects, it had better be used every season.

  • Nerve
  • "my nerve is all right, and don't you worry about that," said sandlot.

215 words made from the letters manuerver

5 letter words made from manuerver:

murva, meran, neuer, nauer, urman, emane, verra, urvan, enarm, muran, verme, armee, neveu, maner, neame, armer, neuve, urrea, maven, rumen, neeru, ameer, revan, arvee, narum, meren, merve, remar, marre, unrar, arner, reran, ruane, ramee, muren, veren, merer, varum, amene, raver, neure, rarum, vener, naree, runar, meare, nueve, vreme, verum, avere, unarm, ruman, rerum, verre, mauer, remen, marun, nurme, rauer, murer, nurra, rever, reema, nerma, eamer, aevum, arere, emanu, ranum, ravne, arrue, namer, murre, ranee, raree, enver, nerva, nerve, emure, rener, urner, aurem, ermua, verma, neram, reune, neave, rerun, mauve, nueva, evren, enuma, ureae, enema, raven, venue, nevar, reave, neume, namur, rearm, ermer, umran, revue, rauen, meane, murra, never, mueve, verne.

4 letter words made from manuerver:

naum, maen, neva, ream, maru, muan, ruer, menu, neue, nemr, rune, neem, eure, ramn, mene, near, runa, muar, naur, ramu, amen, erne, mane, nrem, aver, vane, uram, rare, urea, murn, uren, raue, eruv, ruam, nurr, nuer, arum, ever, maun, vuna, reen, meen, raun, veau, ruen, raum, rave, uvea, urna, name, nevm, auer, mare, veer, neum, mere, amur, ruea, rear, vema, veen, uman, muen, uner, mrna, vanu, uvae, nave, renu, enur, mean, earn, venu, umea, even, anem, vena, reum.

3 letter words made from manuerver:

eve, are, rev, ram, nee, uma, var, ern, rem, mar, era, run, rna, arm, men, ene, emu, man, nmr, urn, anu, rum, van, ane, rue, ear, err.