Correct spelling for MANUL

We think the word manul is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for manul

  • annul A lifetime may be needed merely to gain the virtues which annul the errors of man's preceding life.
  • mail The mail was waiting here when I came back yesterday.
  • mainly They therefore were mainly to blame for the circumstance which followed.
  • mall I turned towards the Green Park, and was walking slowly along the principal mall with my hands behind me, and my eyes on the ground, when I heard my own name uttered.
  • man Wilson had prepared himself for this possibility, by purchasing a ticket of admission, so that he followed the couple into the theatre, determined not to lose sight of his man again.
  • mane The fur, with the exception of the Lion's mane, and that of the cat, is short, close, and soft; capable, when dressed, of receiving a high polish.
  • manful The Working Man as yet sought only to know his craft; and educated himself sufficiently by ploughing and hammering, under the conditions given, and in fit relation to the persons given: a course of education, then as now and ever, really opulent in manful culture and instruction to him; teaching him many solid virtues, and most indubitably useful knowledges; developing in him valuable faculties not a few both to do and to endure,-among which the faculty of elaborate grammatical utterance, seeing he had so little of extraordinary to utter, or to learn from spoken or written utterances, was not bargained for; the grammar of Nature, which he learned from his mother, being still amply sufficient for him. This was, as it still is, the grand education of the Working Man.
  • mangle Mr. Moore is her landlord, and the owner of the lovely wood behind Mangle Farm where Geoffrey came to grief yesterday.
  • manila In the afternoon, in company with Captain Hudson, I paid my first visit to Manila.
  • manly Therefore, when she heard a manly step on the stair, she started and turned pale, expecting nothing short of an armed messenger of the law.
  • mann Involuntarily the company-who appeared to have forgotten it as little as he-struck up in a merry tune- "Blaubart war ein reicher Mann," etc.
  • mantel Hugh was fond of flowers, and two most beautiful bouquets were soon arranged and placed in the vases brought from the parlor mantel, while Muggins, who trotted beside him, watching his movements and sometimes making suggestions, was told to see that they were freshly watered, and not allowed to stand where the sun could shine on them, as they might fade before Miss Johnson came.
  • mantle A thick mantle of ivy at this point covered the wall and rose in a clustering head at top.
  • manual Fortunately, much manual labour was saved by the faithful servant, Nancy, whom no entreaties could force to quit.
  • manually In the early forms of telephones these switching operations were performed by a manually operated switch, the position of which the user was obliged to change before and after each use of the telephone.
  • many And the little dogs and the curs remembered now the many slights cast upon them.
  • marl Such lakelets are not infrequent on the surface of the younger drift sheets of Michigan and northern Indiana, where their beds of marl-sometimes as much as forty feet thick-are utilized in the manufacture of Portland cement.
  • maul 'Blast it all, don't maul a man about!' said the hero sulkily, and the crowd made way for him.
  • meanly In his stupefaction he returned again and again upon this, catching in the flood at that one little straw of self; not inhumanly, as callous to the ruin of others; but pitifully, meanly, because it was the one thing familiar in the roar and din.
  • menu Judith smiled, as she chanted the menu.
  • Manley "Well, Jimmie, ye don't deserve it, for you're the most mischievous little rascal, except Peter McGuffie, in the whole of Muirtown; but I'll give you three days in bed, and your mother will let you have something nice to eat, and then out you go and back to the Seminary," and going out of the door Manley would turn round and shake his fist at the bed, "just a trick, nothing else."
  • Manuel At the door of the room the negro started back with an exclamation of astonishment, and even Manuel paused.
  • Manuela Enter from corridor L., MORTON, DON JOSE, the DONA JOVITA, and MANUELA.
  • Emanuel Emanuel Philibert, Duke of Savoy, had filled this place since the resignation of Mary, Queen of Hungary, which, however, so long as the king himself was present, conferred more honor than real influence.
  • Mani This Indian was Tutul Xiu, the greatest lord in all that country, the lineal descendant of the royal house which once ruled over the whole land of Maya, and then cacique of Mani.
  • manuals For a little while Major King left his horse to keep the road its own way, his cavalry hands quite regardless of manuals, regulations, and military airs.

26 words made from the letters manul

4 letter words made from manul:

anlu, maun, luma, naum, alum, luna, unal, maul, uman, mula, muan, ulna, lamu, mlua.

5 letter words made from manul:

lanum, ulman, luman, manul, mulan, alumn.

3 letter words made from manul:

lam, uma, lan, mal, man, anu.

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