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How to spell MARDIS correctly?

If you're grappling with the misspelling "mardis", fear not, as I've got a few potential solutions to share. You might have intended to write "Mardi Gras", the vibrant carnival celebrated in many parts of the world. Alternatively, your intended word could have been "marquis", referring to a noble title. Double-checking context can help you find the correct spelling!

List of suggestions on how to spell mardis correctly

  • bards The bards entertained the royals with their beautiful music.
  • cards
  • lards He lards his speech with elaborate and flowery language.
  • Mads
  • Mahdi The Mahdi is a religious figure in Islam who is said to come after the Prophet Muhammad.
  • MAIDS I have a maids to do the housework for me.
  • mantis She was killed by a mantis.
  • Maoris I'm not sure if I should call them Maoris or New Zealanders.
  • Marci Marci joined the company last month and has already made a great impression on her colleagues.
  • Marcie Her name is Marcie and she's quite the character.
  • MARES The stable was filled with mares of different breeds and sizes.
  • Maris Iris loved Maris for her gentle spirit.
  • Marisa Marisa is my best friend who always supports me.
  • Marius Pope Francis appointed Cardinal Marius Oliva as the new prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
  • marks The teacher noticed that there were several careless marks on my paper.
  • marquis In the 1800s, the marquis was a very important title.
  • marries Susan marries John next month.
  • mars
  • Martins
  • marts I went to three different marts to find the best deal on groceries.
  • maurois Andre Maurois was a notable French author during the 20th century.
  • mavis
  • midis My favorite thing to listen to is midis.
  • wards
  • yards We are going to need a lot of yards for all of the Christmas decorations.

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