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How to spell MARGNS correctly?

The correct spelling of "margns" is most likely "margins". Possible suggestions for correcting this misspelling could include using spell-check to automatically correct the word, manually correcting the spelling by replacing the incorrect letters with the correct ones or consulting a dictionary to ensure the proper spelling is used.

List of suggestions on how to spell margns correctly

  • barns Whose barns are those?
  • darns I've got some darns to tie up.
  • earns She earns a lot of money working at the law firm.
  • MAGS I went to the newsstand to buy some MAGS for my long flight.
  • magus She was a magus, and her magic was the stuff of legends.
  • Mains
  • maligns She maligns him constantly, even though he has never done anything to harm her.
  • MANS
  • MARES The mares are getting restless.
  • margins The margins of the paper need to be adjusted to fit the required format.
  • marinas Navy sailors often visit marinas to get some R&R.
  • Marines The United States Marines are known for their bravery and dedication to protecting their country.
  • Maris Maris is a popular name for girls in some Latin American countries.
  • marks The teacher asked the students to hand in their papers and she started to put marks on them.
  • marlins The Miami Marlins are a professional baseball team located in Florida.
  • Marne The Battle of Marne was a significant World War I battle fought between Germany and the Allied Powers in 1914.
  • maroons The maroons fled the island before the British arrived.
  • mars The red planet is called Mars.
  • Martins I am Fernando Martins.
  • marts Local shopping districts are often called "marts".
  • masons The masons were busy working on the new building construction.
  • matins The monks rose early each morning to chant the matins.
  • mavens The mavens of the beauty industry were quick to endorse the new skincare line.
  • morns I always feel more productive during early morns.
  • morons All of the morons in her classroom were challenging her authority.
  • warns The weatherman warns us that there will be a severe thunderstorm approaching our area.
  • yarns She plied her needles diligently, working the yarns until her hands were sore.

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