What is the correct spelling for MARTYDOM?

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Correct spelling for MARTYDOM

We think the word martydom is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for martydom

  • datum No estimate, however, of even tolerable accuracy, can be drawn from so imperfect a datum; though it was perhaps the best in our power to acquire.
  • diatom The great works of the ancients are in the main mere monuments of the patient manual labor of myriads of workers, and can only rank with the buildings of the diatom and coral insect.
  • macadam The multiplicity of beggars, louts, and organ-grinders was alone a proof of Brighton's success in the world; the organ-grinders, often a man and a woman yoked together, were extraordinarily English, genteel, and prosperous as they trudged in their neat, middle-class raiment through the gritty mud of the macadam, stolidly ignoring the menace of high-stepping horses and disdainful glittering wheels.
  • madam "No, madam," he answered; "you are clergyman enough for me.
  • madame Madame, je vous prie!
  • maritime This tract of country is a very desert, where thin maritime grasses are shaken by the wind, where suggestive spars lie bleaching, where the sand, driven before the breeze like snow, travels to and fro through all the ages.
  • martyrdom Grief for her mother's death was nothing compared with this martyrdom of anxiety.
  • matador At last in the tenth lap, with a final burst of speed, Juan Hagapoco, the English matador, caught the poor bull by the tail.
  • mated Had they been fairly mated, he had no more dared to put his nose within the gates of Dort than dare one of you here to go down yonder amid Count William's lions!"
  • matted A man in great gum boots, duck breeches, a hat like a tent, with a gold pan under his arm and a pipe sticking out through a mask of matted beard, met the little man in the trail, heard his song as he passed, and looking back over his shoulder, said to himself: "The derned bald-headed old rooster!
  • midterm Participants who did not complete the self-affirmation condition demonstrated increased catecholamine response from baseline to their midterm exam.
  • moated What constitutes a state? Not high-raised battlement or labored mound, Thick wall or moated gate; Not cities proud with spires and turrets crowned; Not bays and broad-armed ports, Where, laughing at the storm, rich navies ride; Not starred and spangled courts, Where low-browed baseness wafts perfume to pride.
  • modem Clip that modem line and wait for Telecom to trace that line back to its point of origin.
  • muted The world was muted with fleshiness and heaviness.
  • stardom ↑ Addicted To Noise↑ Addicted To Noise - DIY Stardom
  • tatum Gerard Butler, Daniel Radcliffe, Lacey Chabert, Kaley Cuoco, Channing Tatum, James Franco, Giada De Laurentiis, Neil Patrick Harris and Olivia Newton-John are some of the celebrities who have attended performances of Absinthe.
  • Meted And now, of the two who had sung it together, one was gone, and the other-well, for the other some of the golden radiance still shone after all the bitter years fate had meted out; and the scent of the violets lingered still.
  • McAdam Maryland, road house in, 33; pillory in, 218; turnpikes in, 232, 234; railroads in, 284-285. Massachusetts Grand Lodge, 204. Mather, Cotton, quoted, 20. Mather, Increase, quoted, 102. Mather, Samuel, quoted, 117. May, Silas, opens stage line, 309. McAdam, James, 231. McAdam, Loudon, 231. McGowan's Tavern, 249-250. Mead, use of, 123-124. Meals, price of, 4; at early taverns, 76-77, 317. Medford, Mass.
  • DARTMOOR Now, an up-country pasture, freshly cleared, is a most unpleasant place to cross, after nightfall: the stumps are all left standing, and felled trees lie all about-thick as boulders on a Dartmoor hillside; then, however, a steady moon was shining, and Falcon picked his way daintily through the timber, hopping lightly, now and then, over a trunk bigger than the rest, but never losing the faint track: we got over the high bars, too, safely, hitting them hard.
  • matadors First come the three matadors, the eldest in the middle, the next on his right, and the youngest on the left; they are followed by their respective cuadrillas, the banderilleros, the capeadors, the picadors on horseback, and finally the chulos, whose duty it is to unsaddle dead horses, attach the slaughtered bull to the team of mules, and perform other minor offices.
  • majordomo The fact was, as I afterwards came to learn, that he went straight to Naga, and, identifying himself by showing the stolen keys, got the majordomo of my host to deliver to him a white felt hat; with which he disappeared.

190 words made from the letters martydom

5 letter words made from martydom:

moray, motya, today, domra, raymo, rodat, mamod, morta, tammy, tardy, ramot, droma, yator, tramo, tammo, mayor, roady, ommar, morat, dormy, domar, mmrda, modra, toray, tryma, torma, myrto, troya, damot, radom, ormat, torda, marmo, darom, morya, toady, radyo, rodya, amort, romay, troma, omary, atory, tarmo, dayro, yoram, ryoma, marot, admor, dorta, toyma, modry, tomam, myoma, moyar, todar, otard, dorty, yorta, dotar, dammy, darty, rommy, yarto, mardy, roday.

3 letter words made from martydom:

tar, dam, mao, rat, oar, may, mam, arm, mar, mad, toy, doa, mom, tay, day, mym, dat, rot, mrd, mod, art, tor, myo, rom, trm, ado, rod, tod, rya, mya, mat, tyr, dry, try, dot, tad, tom, oat, ayr, atm, tao, mot, ram, yam, tam, moa, ray, rad.

4 letter words made from martydom:

mayo, doar, mdma, dart, tyro, dorm, roma, dayt, mart, damo, rota, rayo, mayr, tory, ryad, odra, troy, mamo, tamm, dymo, tody, orad, yaro, yoma, army, dyar, tayo, toad, rayt, moat, yard, atom, roam, dram, tomy, myat, myod, dayo, dory, rady, dary, domm, mory, amor, amoy, mary, otay, domy, oday, tord, royd, tray, taro, tary, myrt, arty, yota, trad, dray, oaty, ammo, tram, road, toda.

6 letter words made from martydom:

domtar, otryad, tymora, taymor, tadmor, madtom, tyroma, matory, motard, dmytro, marmot, rtoday.

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