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How to spell MASATER correctly?

If you have mistakenly typed "masater" instead of "master", fret not! Auto-correct may save the day by offering useful alternatives like "master", "mister" or "meister". Ensure you select the correct spelling, as each option has its own distinctive meaning. Proofread diligently to avoid such errors in the future!

List of suggestions on how to spell masater correctly

  • aster
  • baster Grandma used a baster to spread the marinade all over the turkey before putting it in the oven.
  • caster I need a new caster for my office chair.
  • easter Easter is the most important Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • faster I always run faster when I hear the sound of someone chasing me.
  • maser The maser produces a stimulated emission of radiation.
  • masker
  • masted The masted ship sailed into the harbor with its sails billowing in the wind.
  • master My father used to be a master in the art of calligraphy.
  • masters My grandparents are true masters of gardening; they have the most beautiful and fruitful garden in the neighborhood.
  • mastery After years of practicing, she achieved mastery in the art of cooking.
  • mater The team was excited to see their alma mater win the championship game.
  • matter My opinion on the matter is that we should prioritize environmental conservation over corporate profits.
  • mister
  • muster I couldn't muster enough courage to tell her how I really felt.
  • raster
  • taster The restaurant provided a taster menu for those who are indecisive about what to order.
  • vaster
  • waster She was labeled as a waster by her classmates due to her lack of interest in academics.

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