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How to spell MASAUSES correctly?

If you meant "masauses" instead of "massages", here are some possible correct suggestions. You could have intended to type "masses", referring to large groups or quantities. Alternatively, "mausoleums" could be the word if you were referring to grand burial structures. Or, it might be a misspelling of "massaws", a type of handsaw. Double-checking spellings can prevent confusion!

List of suggestions on how to spell masauses correctly

  • masques The ballroom was filled with guests wearing elaborate masques for the masquerade party.
  • masses The politician's speech was intended to appeal to the masses, in the hopes of gaining more votes.
  • masseuses The spa employed several masseuses to provide therapeutic massages to their clients.
  • missuses
  • misuses The computer programmer was fired for his constant misuses of company resources.

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