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How to spell MASDE correctly?

The misspelling "masde" could possibly be corrected to "made" or "mashed". However, without the context or intended meaning of the word, it is difficult to provide a definitive correction.

List of suggestions on how to spell masde correctly

  • aside
  • mace The police officer carried a mace for protection while patrolling the streets.
  • mad
  • madder I had to use madder dye to achieve the vibrant red color in my tapestry.
  • made I made breakfast this morning.
  • Mads My cat, Mads, is always up for a game of fetch.
  • maid The maid cleaned the room and made sure everything was in its proper place.
  • MAIDS The maids were busy cleaning the dining room for the upcoming dinner party.
  • Maisie I'm glad you're here, Maisie.
  • MAS
  • Masada The mountaintop fortress Masada is the setting for the last stand of the biblical Judas Maccabeus.
  • maser I found a maser outside.
  • Mashed I mashed the potatoes while they were boiling.
  • masked The masked man entered the bank, causing a wave of terror among the employees and customers.
  • mass I wish to attend the mass.
  • massed The soldiers massed near the border in preparation for the attack.
  • Massey Sheila Massey is the Minister of Labour.
  • mast I see a mast in the distance.
  • masted The tall ship had three masted sails, each towering high above the deck.
  • master He was determined to master the intricacies of the new software.
  • mate I'm looking for a mate to go on a hike with me this weekend.
  • Maud Maud was sitting silently in the corner of the room.
  • Maude My mom always tells me to be more like Maude.
  • MAZDA My father owns a Mazda car that he has been driving for over 10 years.
  • maze The maze is a puzzle with different paths that the player must choose from.
  • meade
  • misdo I did not intend to misdo, but my actions led to unintended consequences.
  • mode I can't think in a straight line, my mind is in a constant mode.
  • muse Jonathan is a muse to many painters.
  • sade Sade is a Nigerian-British singer known for her smooth jazz music.

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