Correct spelling for MASNAGER

We think the word masnager is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for masnager

  • manage "But how will you manage about baby?
  • manager As she helped dress her for lunch, Kate said to Mrs. Jardine: "I met the manager as I was going to post a letter to my sister, so I asked him always to send you the same waiter.
  • mange In this amount is included not only the milk that is used as a beverage, but the milk served with cereals and vegetables and that used in soups, custards, blanc mange, rice and bread puddings, and other easily digested desserts.
  • manger When a good part of the day was past, that I was not able to endure any longer, they tooke off my harnesse, and tied me to the manger, but although my bones were weary, and that I needed to refresh my selfe with rest and provender, yet I was so curious that I did greatly delight to behold the bakers art, insomuch that I could not eate nor drinke while I looked on.
  • masker
  • massage
  • menage
  • messenger
  • monger
  • sanger
  • Manege In the centre of one meadow is a turf manege.
  • mangier

297 words made from the letters masnager

5 letter words made from masnager:

garms, nerma, nagma, seram, amens, garam, agame, arame, maner, nager, reang, masar, ganem, magrs, regas, maera, renga, gnars, range, ragen, sarna, saner, maeng, namer, angar, ranas, sagem, manag, sager, aasen, sanea, smear, rasna, ansem, mangs, geman, maser, amran, manse, maare, samen, reans, manga, rasen, margs, genas, sange, meana, sarga, sagra, masae, egans, ragna, arnes, seman, asger, semra, ganes, grama, saran, seang, germs, agren, graae, geras, saren, grean, msngr, marge, aamer, saeng, arens, ageas, means, graea, agnea, rasam, grans, arsan, menga, nears, magra, egmas, mengs, genma, asner, emaar, agran, asmar, meran, nagar, ergma, regna, asena, armas, agner, marae, asean, agema, ramna, amans, magas, angra, ragam, gears, asgar, marse, smena, mesan, asare, magne, gaeas, sanem, grasa, ngara, mesra, segan, mersa, amane, agnar, games, rnase, graem, merga, manea, anmar, magar, gaman, arges, names, ranga, grams, amang, ngarm, menas, ragas, semna, negra, mager, earns, ansar, mange, negar, enaam, anema, saare, aeras, amgen, angas, emara, agers, neram, sanma, anser, emana, masan, garas, smega, sagen, arang, garma, agena, mensa, maran, asman, sanam, ganar, serga, anges, arena, masen, anger, garea, angre, gesar, amare, saman, serag, snare, gamer, nagas, enarm.

3 letter words made from masnager:

esm, ana, ear, nag, gar, sen, ram, era, sam, meg, ara, gen, aar, mag, mrs, nmr, age, gsr, are, erg, aas, man, rem, ern, esr, ane, ras, rna, mar, gem, sag, men, aga, res, gas, rag, emg, arm, sea, mes, ans, msg.

4 letter words made from masnager:

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