Correct spelling for MASSEG

We think the word masseg is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for masseg

  • Massif(Definition of massif)
  • Nestling below the peaks of the "cornettes de bise" and the "mont de grange" which rise to almost 2,400 metres (7,900 ft), the abondance valley is a verdant mountain pasture amongst the alpine peaks of the chablais massif.

  • Masked(Definition of masked)
  • Two figures, masked with black cloth, as were all in the crowd, stood about the blaze, putting on sticks of wood.

  • Messed
  • They had messed up on that one. for joe, it was like trying to operate on a sandy beach, but rakoczi seemed in his element.

  • Mussel(Definition of mussel)
  • "i have no neighbour," said the mussel.

  • Missed
  • If i'd missed this one, i might never have had another.

  • Messes
  • Ginger had qualified as an expert first-class cook, but the truth might as well be stated right in the beginning that the boys quickly tired of the greasy messes the son of ethiopia flung together, and soon followed the example of the wolf patrol, doing their own cooking, an arrangement that pleased the good-natured but indolent ginger perfectly.

  • Muskeg
  • The light was faint and the low ground streaked with haze as they floundered through the muskeg, sinking deep in the softer spots and splashing through shallow pools.

  • Masses
  • The current was choked with masses of steel and wood.

  • Massing
  • He should also consult with the commanding general as to the moment and place of concentration of the mass of his artillery in order to contribute most to a successful issue of the day, and he should never take the responsibility of thus massing his artillery without previous orders from the commanding general.

  • Mauser(Definition of mauser)
  • In a rack beside the door were a number of other bolt-action military rifles-a krag, a couple of arisakas, a long german infantry rifle of the first world war, a greek mannlicher, a mexican mauser, a british short model lee-enfield.

  • Massed
  • I also hear that the venetian towns are without any garrison, and that most probably all the forces are massed on two lines, one from peschiera to custozza and the other behind the adige.

  • Mosses
  • 2. cryptogamous acrogens: acrogens: mosses, equisetums, ferns, lycopodiums- lepidodendra.

  • Misses
  • "my wife-er-mr. hamshaw, and the misses frost," mumbled mr. gladding, bowled over completely.

  • Masker(Definition of masker)
  • O! trustless state of miserable men, that builde your blis on hope of earthly thing, and vainlie thinke your selves halfe happie then, when painted faces with smooth flattering doo fawne on you, and your wide praises sing; and, when the courting masker louteth lowe, him true in heart and trustie to you trow.

  • Message(Definition of message)
  • That is the message of revelation.

  • Massage(Definition of massage)
  • When, in spite of ample rest, the abdominal muscles fail to recover completely, we have no better way of strengthening them than by use of calisthenics or massage.

  • Mass(Definition of mass)
  • She would be in time for eleven o'clock mass.

  • Master(Definition of master)
  • "we can't always order our lives as we would, master.

  • Msg(Definition of msg)
  • Accent records, a record label accent speakers bureau, a student-run organization at the university of florida accent, brand name for monosodium glutamate (msg) accentuation, an increase in intensity of a heart murmur

  • Musses
  • Mask(Definition of mask)
  • And somehow all her gaiety had dropped like a mask from her face, leaving her handsome eyes strangely thoughtful and something hard.

  • Massey
  • Benwell; wordsworth, the poet and the caged turtle dove; arnold, heine's grave; george eliot, o may i join the choir invisible; lewis morris, food of song; george meredith, milton; bulwer lytton, milton; james thomson, b. v., shelley; swinburne, centenary of landor, victor hugo, victor hugo in 1877, ben jonson, thomas decker; whittier, to j. p., and the tent on the beach; j. r. lowell, to the memory of hood; o. w. holmes, at a meeting of the burns club; emerson, solution; r. realf, of liberty and charity; w. h. burleigh, shelley; t. l. harris, lyrics of the golden age; eugene field, poet and king; c. w. hubner, the poet; j. h. west, o story teller poet; gerald massey, to hood who sang the song of the shirt; bayard taylor, a friend's greeting to whittier; sidney lanier, wagner, clover; c. a. pierce, the poet's ideal; e. markham, the bard, a comrade calling back, an april greeting; g. l. raymond, a life in song; richard gilder, the city, the dead poet; e. l. cox, the master, overture; r. c. robbins, wordsworth; carl mcdonald, a poet's epitaph.

  • Masc
  • Wordnet sense annotations for all occurrences of 114 words are also included in the masc distribution, as well as framenet annotations for 50-100 occurrences of each of the 114 words.

  • Maser(Definition of maser)
  • Edward teller (agnostic) – hungarian-american theoretical physicist, known colloquially as "the father of the hydrogen bomb"; made numerous contributions to nuclear and molecular physics, spectroscopy (the jahn–teller and renner–teller effects), and surface physics joseph weber – american physicist; gave the earliest public lecture on the principles behind the laser and the maser; developed the first gravitational wave detectors (weber bars) steven weinberg* – american theoretical physicist, unification of the weak force and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles, share of the nobel prize in physics victor frederick weisskopf – austrian-born american theoretical physicist eugene wigner* – hungarian american theoretical physicist and mathematician; with maria goeppert-mayer and j.

  • Mussed(Definition of Mussed)
  • But i'm all-mussed up!

  • Masque(Definition of masque)
  • "and yet la masque told me to come here in search of her," interrupted sir norman.

  • Masseur(Definition of masseur)
  • The masseur had a great deal of trouble in explaining to her the parliamentary formalities of the verification of elections.

37 words made from the letters masseg

3 letter words made from masseg:

ass, mag, esm, sag, age, gas, sse, gem, sea, msg, mes, sam, emg, meg.

4 letter words made from masseg:

5 letter words made from masseg:

games, sames, seams, sagem, egmas, gasse, smega, mesas, geass, sages, masse, mases, messg.