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How to spell MASTRE correctly?

If you have mistakenly spelled "mastre" instead of "master", don't worry; it's an easy fix! The correct suggestion for this misspelling is "master". Simply make the necessary change and continue writing without any worries about spelling errors. Always proofread your work before submitting it to ensure that no more errors slip through!

List of suggestions on how to spell mastre correctly

  • maestro The maestro's performance left the audience in awe.
  • maseru
  • mast The ship's mast was tall and sturdy, reaching towards the sky.
  • masted The tall ship had three masted sails that billowed in the wind.
  • master The piano master gave a wonderful performance last night.
  • mastered
  • masters He completed his studies and now has two masters degrees.
  • mastery After years of practice and hard work, she finally achieved mastery in her field of expertise.
  • MASTS The ship's masts swayed in the strong winds.
  • mature I have noticed that you have become more mature over the years.
  • measure I need to measure the distance between the two points.
  • metre
  • mitre The priest wore a mitre on his head during the religious ceremony.
  • mysore Mysore is a beautiful city known for its rich history and cultural heritage.
  • pasture The cows are grazing in the pasture by the river.
  • piastre
  • sartre Jean-Paul Sartre was a French existentialist philosopher, playwright and novelist.

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