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How to spell MATAL correctly?

The word "matal" could be a misspelling of "metal". Other possible correct suggestions could include "natal", "fatal", "matte" or "malt". Context and the intended meaning of the word should be considered when determining the correct suggestion.

List of suggestions on how to spell matal correctly

  • fatal The car accident resulted in fatal injuries to the driver.
  • ITAL
  • mail I need to buy stamps before I can mail these letters.
  • malay The traditional Malay dish nasi lemak is a popular breakfast food in Malaysia.
  • mall
  • malta
  • mammal
  • mantel The family portrait hung above the fireplace mantel.
  • manual I misplaced the manual for my new phone and now I don't know how to use all its features.
  • marital
  • marl I put some marl on my hands to clean them.
  • Marta Marta is a friendly cat.
  • Martel Martel was the surname of a famous French historical figure, Charles Martel, known for his victory in the Battle of Tours in 732 AD.
  • martial He is a master of martial arts.
  • mat
  • mate Can you introduce me to your mate?
  • mater The school's mater is making changes to the curriculum starting next semester.
  • matey
  • Mats My aunt's house is on a hill and has a Mats greenhouse in the back.
  • matt Drew passed out on the living room floor and Matt found him there hours later.
  • matte I need to matte my hair before I go out.
  • Mattel The Mattel company makes toys.
  • maul
  • meal I had a delicious Mexican meal at the restaurant last night.
  • medal The athlete proudly displayed her gold medal for winning the race.
  • mental She was reading a book with mental pictures.
  • metal She couldn't believe that he had brought her to a metal concert.
  • METALS My ring is made of metals.
  • modal The modal dialog box popped up on the screen, prompting the user for input.
  • mortal The mortal remains of the victim have been removed.
  • motel
  • mutual The mutual respect between the two teams led to a peaceful game.
  • natal My natal day is always a special celebration for me.
  • NATL

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