Correct spelling for MAUALY

We think the word maualy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for maualy

  • madly The next morning he wrote to me as follows: "I am madly in love with Tonine.
  • mail She asked her father at the breakfast table to send her, at once, any letters that might come for her in his mail.
  • mainly If Mrs. Meredith was a social leader, and she herself had no social standing at all, it was mainly because that lady was publicly recognized as a learned woman, and the world had not yet found out that she herself was anything but ignorant.
  • malady It was as though the real nature of the man had got the better of some malady.
  • malay It was not till ten o'clock, therefore, that signs of civilisation commenced, in the shape of a few Malay houses built close to the water's edge.
  • male When I heard this remark, as foolish as it was rude, I resolved on remaining silent, and it was with some pleasure that I observed the joy felt by all the male guests at what they thought an insult and a blow to my vanity.
  • mali Kumhar (Potter) 3 Kunbi (Cultivator) 16 Kunjra (Greengrocer) 50 Kuramwar (Shepherd) 52 Kurmi (Cultivator) 55 Lakhera (Worker in lac) 104 Lodhi (Landowner and cultivator) 112 Lohar (Blacksmith) 120 Lorha (Growers of san-hemp) 126 Mahar (Weaver and labourer) 129 Mahli (Forest tribe) 146 Majhwar (Forest tribe) 149 Mal (Forest tribe) 153 Mala (Cotton-weaver and labourer) 156 Mali (Gardener and vegetable-grower) 159 Mallah (Boatman and fisherman) 171 Mana (Forest tribe, cultivator) 172 Manbhao (Religious mendicant) 176 Mang (Labourer and village musician) 184 Mang-Garori (Criminal caste) 189 Manihar (Pedlar) 193 Mannewar (Forest tribe) 195 Maratha (Soldier, cultivator and service) 198 Mehtar (Sweeper and scavenger) 215 Meo (Tribe) 233 Mina or Deswali (Non-Aryan tribe, cultivator) 235 Mirasi (Bard and genealogist) 242 Mochi (Shoemaker) 244 Mowar (Cultivator) 250 Murha (Digger and navvy) 252 Nagasia (Forest tribe) 257 Nahal (Forest tribe) 259 Nai (Barber) 262 Naoda (Boatman and fisherman) 283 Nat (Acrobat) 286 Nunia (Salt-refiner, digger and navvy) 294 Ojha (Augur and soothsayer) 296 Oraon (Forest tribe) 299 Paik (Soldier, cultivator) 321 Panka (Labourer and village watchman) 324 Panwar Rajput (Landowner and cultivator) 330 Pardhan (Minstrel and priest) 352 Pardhi (Hunter and fowler) 359 Parja (Forest tribe) 371 Pasi (Toddy-drawer and labourer) 380 Patwa (Maker of silk braid and thread) 385 Pindari (Freebooter) 388 Prabhu (Writer and clerk) 399 Raghuvansi (Cultivator) 403 Rajjhar (Agricultural labourer) 405 Rajput (Soldier and landowner) 410
  • mall In such a rig did the swells of the last generation stroll down Pall Mall or drive their tilburys in the Bois.
  • manly On the contrary, the person before him was not only considerably taller, and of more manly proportions, but his face was pale, reserved, and haughty; besides, he did not appear even to recollect the name of Somerset; and what at once might destroy the supposition, his own was simply Constantine.
  • manual Windmills now had vanes replacing manual labor to change the position of the sails when the wind direction changed.
  • manually Creating CEBs differs from rammed earth in that the latter uses a larger formwork into which earth is poured and manually tamped down, creating larger forms such as a whole wall or more at one time rather than building blocks.
  • marl The soil of St Thomas consists of a red and yellow marl, or clay, of great fertility, which is kept soft and mellow by the heavy dews which fall nightly, contributing greatly to vegetation, and preventing it from being dried up by the great heats; and so great is the luxuriant fertility of the soil, that trees immediately spring up on any spots left uncultivated, and will grow as high in a few days as would require as many months with us. These sprouts are cut down and burnt by the slaves, and their ashes are used as manure for the sugarcanes.
  • marley But seriously, I think you had better give up this trip to Marley.
  • maul We placed them on the inside of the ditch, propping them up with others, until we had a dozen up, when we began to throw in the dirt around them, jamming it down with a maul.
  • mauler Bombers and Attack aircraft Martin MB-1 Martin NBS-1 Martin XNBL-2 (night bomber) Martin T3M (torpedo bomber) Martin T4M (torpedo bomber) Martin XLB-4 (light bomber project) Martin XT6M (torpedo bomber) Martin B-10/B-12/XB-13/XB-14/O-15/O-45 Martin BM-1 (dive bomber) Martin BM-2 (dive bomber) Martin 146 (Medium bomber) Martin XB-16 (not built) Martin 167 Maryland Martin B-26 Marauder Martin B-29 Superfortress Martin XB-27 Martin 187 Baltimore Martin XB-33 Super Marauder (not built) Martin B-35A Martin AM Mauler Martin P4M Mercator (patrol bomber) Martin XB-48 Martin XB-51 Martin B-57 under license from English Electric (British) Martin RB-57D Canberra Martin/General Dynamics RB-57F Canberra Martin 316/XB-68 (not built)
  • mayfly Isonychia bicolor, the mahogany dun, is a species of brushlegged mayfly in the family Isonychiidae.
  • meal She had begun her meal, when there came and sat down by her a young woman of very different appearance-our friend, Miss Peckover.
  • mealy Tubers similar in form to the Davis Seedling, but rather more smooth and regular; color red, the eyes not deeply sunk; flesh yellow when cooked, dry and mealy, but only of medium quality, on account of its comparatively strong flavor.
  • millay Flora Collins (Joan Bennett) (January 13, 1971 – April 2, 1971)Gabriel Collins (Christopher Pennock) (January 14, 1971 – March 23, 1971)Gerard Stiles (James Storm) (February 10, 1971 – February 11, 1971)James Forsythe (Keith Prentice) (March 2, 1971 – Mar
  • molly Yes; I came over from Atherstone with Molly Danvers.
  • mule Then the mule can pull us and the runabout home."
  • mull If it were Reddy Mull it would be unfortunate-for Reddy Mull.
  • Marla His wife Marla (Elicia Daly), arrives on Albert Square to see Karen as she wants Mitch back, announcing she is pregnant and both Karen and Marla confront Mitch.
  • mauls At the depth of a few feet they discovered numerous stone hammers or mauls; and they saw that the cavern was not a natural one, but had been worked out by human agency, and that the stone implements, found in great profusion in and about it, were the tools used in making the excavation.

43 words made from the letters maualy

3 letter words made from maualy:

lam, uma, ala, may, mya, lay, yam, mal.

4 letter words made from maualy:

mala, maul, almy, mula, lamy, lamu, luma, maly, lama, mayu, amay, alay, luya, maya, ulay, yaum, laya, muya, mlua, muay, yama, alum, luay, yuma, yalu, ayam.

5 letter words made from maualy:

amuay, almay, yamla, ulama, mulay, maula, mulya, malua, malay.

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