Correct spelling for MAY

We think the word may is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for may

  • bay She held the enemy at bay.
  • cay If a tiny patch of rock held this amount of life, what must the real reefs be like off Clipper Cay?
  • day In his bedroom at Buena Vista, the marshal's residence, Driscoll the next day received a personage, and offered him a cigar.
  • hay Hay to hold the lease of the island is that they may obtain the fish of the inhabitants, who are bold and successful fishermen, and are more favourably situated for the haaf fishing than any other people in Shetland.
  • jay "Good mo'ning, Brer Jay," said she.
  • lay On the rocks beside them lay two or three small codling, a large flounder, two good-sized lythe, and nearly a dozen saithe.
  • ma I should think yer ma would be afeard to let him chaw so much.
  • mac Under the uncouth names of Gow Mac Morn, and of Fyn MacCowl, the admirers of Ossian are to recognise Gaul, the son of Morni, and Fingal himself; heu quantum mutatus ab illo!
  • mad A hideous metaphor of the moment-call it the worst in her life-when her young husband, driven mad with the knowledge that had just forced its way into his reluctant mind, had almost struck her away from him, and with angry words, of which the least was traitress, had broken through the effort of her hands to hold him, and left her speechless in her despair.
  • mag Similarly Margaret, popularly Mar-get, became Mag, Meg, Mog, whence Meggitt, Moxon, etc.
  • mam And, Mam-ma, peo-ple are saying that she's ill and that she won't last very long."
  • man Here's Exeter, young man.
  • many Many has come back to him this last twelvemonth or so.
  • mao The most ominous note, however, was a veiled threat by old Mao himself that if mutinous elements did not submit, he might call upon his great ally to the east to use the atomic bomb.
  • map 8vo, with Map and other Illustrations.
  • mar Science, Mar 22, 1912. 1912c.
  • mary "Let thim dundther," Mary said.
  • mat Not merely the nails and the lips, but the whole surface of the skin is underlaid with a thick mat, or network, of blood vessels.
  • maw And if a feller vants to pull de tremulo stop fer a lot o' hoboes and Bullsheviki, and goes and spills his tears into his soup-" It sounded fierce; but Mary apparently knew her Abey; also, she saw that Maw was starting to cry.
  • may This method may be called the Braun-Marconi method.
  • maya They were truly a formidable pile, compared with which the papers in a protracted chancery or ejectment suit would seem a billet-doux, and, unfortunately, a great portion of them was in the Maya language; but there was one folio volume in Spanish, and in this was the first formal conveyance ever made of these lands by the Spanish government.
  • mays Thurston said that Hasty was a better pitcher than Mays, when he was in form.
  • nay But what Charles Edward could not do, what no human being or accidental circumstances could bring about, was due to the special nature of Alfieri and of the Countess; namely, that this strange platonic passion, instead of dying out after a very brief time, merely intensified, became long-lived, inextinguishable, nay continued, in its absolute austerity and purity, long after every obstacle and restraint had been removed, except the obstacles and restraints which, from the very ideality of its own nature, increased for itself.
  • pay Henry Ward Beecher said the happiest days of his life were not when he had become an international character, but when he was an unknown minister out in Lawrenceville, Ohio, sweeping his own church, and working as a carpenter to help pay the grocer.
  • ray When, for example, Professor Ray Lankester first called attention to Professor Hering's address, he did not understand Mr. Spencer to be intending this.
  • say The child's lip quivered, but something in the suffering face above her made her say quickly, "Me'll be dood, Don, an' when oo turn back, me'll be waitin' at de gate."
  • way When we were about half-way across MacLean stumbled.
  • Amy The little bed stood there, white and innocent in the candlelight, the drawer still gaped, showing its pathetic contents; the furniture, pictures, texts, and all the rest remained in their places, harmless and undefiled as when Amy herself had set them there.
  • Fay Inspector Fay would like to see you for a few minutes, madam.
  • My "Mr. Beale, brother-in-law to Walsingham, is in my books a prince," said the Earl.
  • mayo En mayo de 1999, las colecciones cuentan con 2.000 libros digitales.
  • Kay "I like her, but I don't like Mrs. Stuyvesant-Knox and I don't know how to pronounce her," said I. "For goodness sake, don't call her Mrs. Ess Kay to her face again," cut in Vic.
  • Macy But Macy O'Shea is somewhat shy of his two years' wife this morning, and she hears the heavy steps recede as he walks over to his oil-shed.
  • Mai Niuna corrotta mente intese mai sanamente parole.
  • Mae There were three others born later, Albert, Ollie Mae, and William Robert.
  • Maj He encamped at Bennington, Vermont, where he was waited upon by Maj.
  • MAS The Mule, it must be admitted, was a deadly dull person-y nada mas-and nothing more, as his fond father-in-law observed at the cafe that same morning.

3 words made from the letters may

3 letter words made from may:

yam, mya, may.

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